Working from Home and Separation Anxiety

Not unlike many people, you may have decided with all this extra time at home it would be the perfect opportunity to adopt a puppy or older dog! Both you and your pup can certainly benefit from spending plenty of time together and working on new skills. However, your puppy or adult dog may begin to get into a routine that involves someone always being home with them.

corgi puppy

Get your puppy into a routine now that will set them up for success.

I am sure you wish that was the case, but we know the time will come when you will go back to being out of the house more regularly. For their benefit, get into a routine now that sets them up for success! Follow these tips below, on how to get started –

  • Crate train. This is one of the best things you can do for your puppy or adult dog! A crate gives your dog their own space, keeps them safe, and helps them avoid starting bad habits. If you are unsure of how to best crate train, follow our earlier blog “Don’t Delay, Crate Train Today!” or reach out to our office!
  • Spend time away from your dog. During the day while you are home, get in the habit of spending time away from your dog. If they will be crated when you leave the house, begin placing them in their crate for a few hours each day. The crate should be in an area of the house where they cannot see you.
  • Go for a walk without your dog. It may be tempting to take your pup with you all the time! But leaving the house for a bit each day will help set them up for success in the future when you have to leave for longer periods of time.
  • Feed your dog away from you. A perfect meal time is when you place your pup in their crate for their daily few hours away from you or when you head out for a walk without them. This pairs your absence with something tasty like lunch time!
It's important for both you and your pup to learn how to be alone.

It’s important for both you and your pup to learn how to be alone.

Your dog may engage in minor stress behaviors the first few times you start these routines but stick with it! It is important for both you and your pup for them to learn how to be alone. If you have any additional questions or your dog is engaging in self-injurious or destructive behavior when left alone, please contact our office.