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Training Programs for Service Animals at Beyond the Dog

It’s not uncommon for people to mix up service dogs and emotional support animals. However, the duties of these two animals are quite different. Although both are able to aid their owners, they do this in different ways, and the tasks these animals carry out differ. With that in mind, it’s essential you enroll your support animal in the right course to ensure it can complete its duties to the best of its abilities.

What is the Difference between Service Dog and Emotional Support Animals?

Service dogs help their owners carry out tasks that would be seemingly impossible for them to tackle on their own. Moreover, these dogs are trained to perform a range of duties such as aiding in mobility. These animals are given protection under the American for Disabilities ACT (ADA). Consequently, service dogs are able to visit places where pets are typically not allowed. This can include shopping malls and other public spaces.

On the other hand, emotional support animals don’t have these same rights as they don’t receive the same level of training as service dogs. Instead, these animals are typically there to be a calming presence for their owners in high-stress and anxiety-inducing situations.

Beyond the Dog can Help!

Here at Beyond The Dog, we offer our expertise to help train both service dogs and emotional support animals alike. We currently can’t offer training services for recognizing specific biological warnings; however, we can and have offered our services for training various service behaviors. More than that, our certified trainers offer general preparation for emotional support.

No matter if you have a service or emotional support animal, we highly recommend you start your pet with a hig-level obedience course. IN doing so, you can lay the foundations for your pet to become the best at their desired and needed tasks.

The All-Inclusive Training program we offer is the perfect place to start with your furry friend’s training. If you’d like to learn more about this obedience course or are ready to enroll your pet, contact Beyond The Dog today.

Canine Good Citizen

Not only do we offer obedience training, but our dedicated trainers offer their assistance in helping you prepare for the AKC Canine Good Citizen evaluation. Becoming a Canine Good Citizen provides your pet with great preparation for further certification. More than that, the 10-skill evaluation is a perfect way to show off your pooch’s skills.

The ten skills are covered in our obedience training programs, and you can rely on our trainers to ensure you and your pup are more than ready to tackle the evaluation. If you’re looking for basic obedience or service animal training, look no further than Beyond The Dog. We offer some of the most efficient and effective training services in The Woodlands area. Call today and learn how we can assist with your dog’s training.

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