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Beyond the Dog prides itself on developing customized protocols based on each client’s individual needs.  All of our programs are specifically designed to target the specific behaviors to be addressed and work with our scientifically proven protocols to enact changes that improve the lives of pets and their owners.

All of Beyond the Dog’s trainers are passionate about animal behavior.  Their background and training are extensive and they can be considered true professionals in their field. Your trainer will work closely with you and your dog and provide you the knowledge and skills to continue your dog’s training long after the program is over. Our protocols fit within one of our six general program formats, detailed below.

Houston Puppy and Dog Training

Dog Training

Not only do Beyond the Dog’s trainers have some of the top credentials in the country, we have nearly 15 years of experience designing and further modifying our dog training programs. Our process increases effectiveness and efficiency which benefits each client and their respective dog. We offer a variety of programs, each designed to target specific behaviors and each client’s dog training goals.

Beyond the Dog offers various different training programs for dogs. You will see that each of our programs vary in price, intensity, behavior focus, session frequency, and more. Many of our dog training programs are performed in the comfort of your own home. This helps your dog feel comfortable and provides the convenience you need. Our trainers will come to you for the training program. If your dog displays problem behaviors outside of the home, then the trainer will encourage you to train them in those areas.

All-Inclusive Dog Training

As the most in-depth and comprehensive program available at Beyond the Dog, this program produces high-level obedience and treats severe problem behaviors such as reactivity, aggression, or resource guarding. 22-sessions in total, this program meets five times a week for four weeks with two follow-up sessions to ensure all of your questions are addressed and behaviors are being maintained.  Each session is an hour long.

Board and Train

The Board and Train program is the best option for those who live outside of the Spring or Woodlands area. Also considered a “boot camp”, your pup resides in the home with the trainer receiving dedicated training sessions, plenty of reinforcement and lots of great play time too!. Trainers work with their Board and Train dogs daily and treat them as a member of their family.  Board and Train stays are three or four weeks, depending on the severity of the behaviors and/or can be combined with one of our other programs!

Executive Dog Training

If you are seeking basic obedience or a more targeted approach to one to two problem behaviors, the Executive Program is the right fit! Structured similarly to the All-Inclusive, this program meets three times a week for three to four weeks.  Two sessions each week are dog/trainer only, with the third being an Owner Lesson.

Private In-Home Dog Training

Our single sessions are called Private In-Home Training sessions.  These are a terrific option for new puppy owners or if your dog suffers from separation anxiety or needs help learning to love the crate. These sessions are designed to help you get off on the right foot with behaviors such as housebreaking, chewing, and play biting, or provide a more specific treatment plan for separation anxiety or other similar behavior.

Maintenance Program

Once your pup has learned through one of the programs above, you may want to keep those skills in tip-top shape through one of our Maintenance Programs!  These sessions are customized and designed to help your fade your dog’s rewards, improve off-leash obedience, and obtain higher-level obedience goals set by you. You can expect the trainer to meet with your dog one to two times a week, or less frequently if you choose.

Video Chat Dog Training

If you live outside of the Spring or Woodlands area, Beyond the Dog has a video chat option! The video chat is best for specific problem behaviors – we will be happy to discuss before you enroll.  During this session, your trainer meets with you via Facetime, Google Meets, or Zoom and provides a training protocol for your dog’s behaviors. Subsequent sessions will involve the trainer’s observation, addressing questions, and evaluating progress.


Houston Kitten & Cat Training

Cat Training

Beyond the Dog has spent nearly 15 years perfecting our cat training programs. Along with our credentials and education, we have years of hands on experience. Beyond the Dog offers a variety of programs catering to your feline friend. Our programs have been modified and tested to ensure we are making the most out of your cat training experience.

Even though our specialty is with dogs, our expertise can be applied to a number of different pets. Cats can also display similar behaviors as dogs, such as aggression or inappropriate scratching. The cat training programs offered at Beyond the Dog are designed from the ground up and fit to the needs of every cat. You can see all three cat training programs below.

Executive Cat Training

A trainer will travel to your house to perform the executive cat training program. This is the most intensive training program at Beyond the Dog. The trainer will meet with the cat one-on-one twice a week. The last session of the week will involve you learning the training methods. Each training session is an hour-long. This program is best suited for cats with severe problem behaviors or aggression.

Private In-Home Cat Training

If you are a new cat and kitten owner you can take advantage of our private in-home cat training program. This program is designed to treat various behaviors and help you get off on the right foot when it comes to training their cats. Clients normally only enroll in about two or three sessions, but it depends on the cat’s behaviors.

Video Chat Cat Training

Cat training can be difficult to locate in a rural or smaller metropolitan area. So, Beyond the Dog offers cat training to those who might not have direct access to it. Many of our clients enroll in about two or three total sessions. The trainer will meet with you over a video chat to set up the training protocol.  Each session is an hour in length except for the first one, which is an extra 30 minutes.

Houston Small Pet and Rabbit Training

Other Pet Training

With our trainers’ educations and backgrounds, Beyond the Dog has a comprehensive understanding of animal behavior and how it relates to the environment as well as genetics. This understanding has allowed us to offer services to not only dog and cat owners, but any owner with a furry or feathered family member. In addition, each trainer has worked with a variety of species, furthering our knowledge as a team. We offer training programs for pot-bellied pigs, birds, rabbits, ferrets, and beyond!

There are all kinds of pet owners with rabbits, birds, ferrets, pigs, and more. Dogs and cats are the most common types of pets in the United States. However, these other pets and their owners can benefit greatly from Beyond the Dog’s training programs. So, we provide three training programs for other pets that range in intensity and are also built from scratch. View all three options below.

Executive Pet Training

All animals are capable of displaying similar behaviors, such as aggression. Ferrets, birds, and many more are capable of just that. This intensive program features three sessions each week for three weeks. Each session is an hour-long. The first two sessions are between the pet and the trainer. The trainer will work with the pet to reduce the problem behaviors and then show you the training on the last session of the week.

Private In-Home Pet Training

If your pet is displaying problem behaviors such as inappropriate vocalization, chewing, biting, or clawing, then this program is a perfect option. The trainer will develop a training protocol for the specific pet. They will set this protocol up during the first sessions and ensure that you know it. Most clients enroll in about three total sessions, but it varies on the pet.

Video Chat Pet Training

Video chat pet training is for those who are unable to find pet training in their areas. Our video chat pet training sessions will provide the tools you need to treat their pets’ problem behaviors. This program typically only features two or three sessions that are an hour-long. If you have questions or concerns about the training, then they can reach the trainer via phone or email at no additional cost.

Houston dog training by breed

Dog Training by Breed

Beyond the Dog relies heavily on our understanding of the relationship between the environment and behavior. However, we also recognize and understand the biological and genetic differences across breeds of dogs. This knowledge and our experience allows us to use one of our dog training programs in a way to maximize the benefit for various breeds. We target behaviors that are most important for each breed and minimize the risk for potential problem behaviors from arising. We can further adjust the program to fit not only the needs of each breed, but also the needs of each individual dog.

We Can Train Any Breed of Dog

Beyond the Dog can train any breed of dog. Our training programs do not take into consideration the dog’s breed, but our trainers are capable of adjusting as necessary. You can see a few popular breeds of dogs below.

These breeds are just a few popular breeds in the Greater Houston area. Beyond the Dog will train any breed, so not feel discouraged about your specific breed.

Capable of Training Support Animals

Support animals play vital roles in all kinds of peoples’ lives. Beyond the Dog wants to extend our expertise to two important animal roles: service dogs and emotional support animals. Often times, these animal roles are interchanged, but they are very much different. Both animals play very different roles and have varying characteristics. Beyond the Dog hopes to inform you of these differences while also providing beneficial pet training.

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