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Beyond the Dog would not be the same without our lineup of accomplished dog trainers and a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist (click here for a dog behaviorist near me).

Not only is each dog trainer and/or pet trainer unique and more than qualified to stand on their own, but what truly sets Beyond the Dog above the rest is our trainers’ teamwork. The bonds that the trainers share with one another and their clients are paramount.

Our dog and pet trainers follow in the footsteps of our Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist—one of at least 50 practicing in the whole country—and a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant, one of only three throughout the greater Houston area and, to our knowledge, the entire state of Texas. No other trainer throughout the state of Texas has had an opportunity as great as this, which is why our professional dog trainers and pet trainers (click here for a professional dog trainer near me) are the creams of the crop.

Our trainers’ credentials are among the very best in the industry!  With a Ph.D. in Animal Behavior, Dr. Kristyn Echterling-Savage believes passionately in the science of behavior and in hiring only trainers who believe the same!  Our accomplished trainers all have a Bachelor’s degree (at a minimum) and have received specialized training and testing to learn how best to train not only dogs but their owners as well!  We invite you to compare our credentials with the competition – we not only know our stuff but have the acronyms to back it up!

Each dog trainer and pet trainer brings an exclusive skill to the table, and every joint effort is not only empowering to the other trainers, but also beneficial to each and every one of Beyond the Dog’s clients. Our members work together endlessly when it comes to improving our dog training (as well as puppy training, cat training, kitten training and other pet training) methods and finding new and even more effective ways to treat problem behaviors. In our practice, the utmost importance is built around nurturing healthy, fulfilling relationships not only with the dog and cats, but with respective owners as well.

Beyond the Dog’s training philosophy caters to animals of course, and more importantly to the individuals that live and care for them. Beyond the Dog has published numerous writing pieces specifically regarding dog behavior, and has even been featured in leading behavioral journals and magazines. Hand in hand, we go beyond what it takes to be exceptional trainers. We strive to be some of the top dog trainers, cat trainers, and pet trainers across the country!

Pug Training – HoustonCollectively, Beyond the Dog’s dog trainers, cat trainers, and pet trainers have various prestigious credentials under their belts. The following is a handful of our achievements and certifications:

Pug Training - Houston
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