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We train pets of any size, age, and breed!

Q: How old should my puppy be before beginning obedience training?
A: As a general rule, puppies who have reached approximately 14 weeks old have the attention span and maturity to participate in and retain their obedience training. Prior to that, we are always happy to conduct a Private In-Home Session or two to help with early puppy behaviors including housebreaking, playbiting, crate training, socialization and more!


Q: Do you offer training on evenings or weekends?
A: Our trainers work a Tuesday through Saturday schedule, with limited evening hours available. If your scheduling needs require you be seen outside of those hours, we recommend consulting with our office prior to contract submission.


Q: Are there any breeds or behaviors you will not train?
A: We will train any breed, any age, any size of dog!


Q: Do you offer a “guarantee” on your services?
A: We certainly understand that training is quite a commitment of both time and money. However, the organizations under which our trainers are certified preclude offering a “guarantee” under their Code of Ethics based on a number of factors. Veterinarians and other animal professionals will tell you to be wary of any dog trainer that does offer a money-back guarantee.
That being said, we do stand by our 5-star Google and Facebook ratings and the testimonials on our web page and work hard to provide the very best training possible. Our business is training dogs and we want nothing more than for you to be extremely satisfied with the services we provide. If your dog’s behavior is not consistent with our standards, we will do everything we can to make it right.


Q: Why do your programs include trainer/dog only sessions – can’t you just show me what to do?
A: Our All-Inclusive and Executive Training Programs are carefully constructed to allow our trainers to build behaviors first, during one-on-one sessions with the dog(s).  We find this to be highly effective, as our trainers are able to implement the reinforcement or correction with nearly 100% accuracy, which speeds learning and improves retention. During our Owner Lessons, these trained behaviors are transferred to the owners who are then able to maintain and reinforce what has already been learned.


Q: Do you have a facility? Where does training occur?
A: No, we do not conduct training at a central location/facility.  The majority of our training occurs in and around your home; the very places your pup is most comfortable and where the training will be most effective.  Often, if training occurs in a facility or group class, there are other stimuli that distract from learning and retention.


Q: What training methods or philosophy do you use?
A: Our training methods are grounding in positive reinforcement techniques.  Research and our experience have shown this to be most effective at shaping behavior. We do not utilize prong, pinch or e-collars and do not implement any sort of technique or correction that would hurt your pet.


Q: I’m leaving for a vacation in a few weeks, should I schedule training now?  What if I will be out of town for a weekend in the middle of training?
A: We recommend waiting until after a vacation to schedule training.  The more consistent you can be in practicing and reinforcing the trained behaviors, the more successful your pup will be at retaining them!  As an option, if you will be traveling, you may want to consider a Board and Train program!


Q: How do your Board and Train programs work if you don’t have a facility?
A: Our Board and Train dogs reside in the home of their trainer.  They receive daily training sessions, plenty of play and exercise, and are able to relax and enjoy a home environment without the stress and distractions that can be present at a kennel.  Our trainers really get to know the Board and Train residents and treat them like a member of the family!


Q: Can my dog continue to visit his/her doggie daycare during training? 
A: It may seem counterintuitive, but the more energetic your dog is, the better for training! We do not recommend daycare before a session.  If your dog regularly attends daycare, we recommend discussing the best course of action with your trainer.  He/she may recommend that you wait until after the training session or refrain from daycare entirely on training days.


Q: Will I have the same trainer for every session? 
A: Yes, all of your training sessions will be conducted by your primary trainer throughout the program.  Occasionally, sessions are attended or observed by a Training Mentor who is generally observing for research or evaluation purposes to ensure your training is the best it can be.


Q: What is the point of the Behavior Evaluation Questionnaire?
A: All of our clients complete a Behavior Evaluation Questionnaire as part of their enrollment process.  This document offers our trainers and staff an in-depth look into your dog’s history, what behaviors are occurring and for how long they’ve been going on. This document is then used by your trainer to create a customized training protocol based on your specific needs. In addition, we clean the data of identifiable information and compile it into reports for research into most effective training practices across behaviors.


Q: What is Behavior Modification Training?
A: Behavior modification training, simply put, is an intervention primarily used to shape behavior through positive or negative reinforcement. Positive reinforcement occurs when behaviors are encouraged by rewards, including food, play or attention – anything that makes a desirable behavior more likely to recur. Negative reinforcement is the removal of a stimulus, such as attention, as a consequence of the behavior.  For example, a young puppy jumping for attention is less likely to repeat that behavior if attention is withheld when they jump but given when they sit appropriately.


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