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I certify that I am of lawful age and the owner of the pet entered in the "Pet Name" field above. My pet will be enrolled in Beyond the Dog’s Video Chat Program for a minimum of the above stated lessons beginning on the date entered as "Training Start Date" above.

The cost of the program as agreed upon is $75 per 1 hour appointment. I agree to pay for the minimally estimated amount of sessions prior to the first day of training. I further agree that if I default on any such payment to Beyond the Dog, LLC and this is turned over for the purposes of collection that I will be responsible for all court costs, including any special process server fees, all reasonable attorney fees, and any and all other costs related to the judicial collection of this contract.

I agree to make any necessary schedule changes the Friday prior to the scheduled appointment. I further understand that if I cancel the scheduled appointment or Beyond the Dog, LLC is unable to train my pet because of my absence, I forfeit the currently scheduled session.

I agree that if my pet requires any medical treatment while being trained by Beyond the Dog, LLC I am responsible for all such bills. I understand that these medical problems may include, but are not limited to urinalysis, fecal exam, urgency care and treatment, surgeries, etc. I further agree, if injury or death occurs to my pet, Beyond The Dog, LLC will not be held liable.

I realize it is my responsibility to recreate training scenarios if required during training sessions.

I (and all members of the family/residence) further agree and understand that in order for the training and behavior modification of my pet to be successful, the following must occur:

  1. my presence at the lessons included in such training;
  2. consistency in my pet's environment as instructed by Beyond the Dog, LLC throughout the training program;
  3. consistency in my pet's environment as instructed by Beyond the Dog, LLC at the end of the training program and from then on out;
  4. my learning how to reinforce appropriate behavior and correct/prevent inappropriate behavior by my pet during the lessons included in the program by Beyond the Dog, LLC;
  5. my practicing these lessons learned with my pet as provided to me by Beyond the Dog LLC.

I agree to the terms of this contract and verify that all information provided above is true. I hereby acknowledge and agree that I have read this contract, understand its terms and agree to all provisions by submitting this form to Beyond the Dog, LLC.

By checking the box below, I hereby understand and agree to the terms and conditions set forth above. *

Upon submission of this document, I am ensuring that all of the information I have provided above is correct. I further understand and agree to all of the terms and conditions in this document.