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Claws vs Your Furniture

Imagine the wilds of Africa, and you notice in the distance a Leopard reaching up and digging their claws in and pulling the bark off the tree. Now you wake up and realize it is actually your 10-pound house cat digging their tiny little claws into your brand new sofa. Not nearly as idyllic!    While […]


Working from Home and Separation Anxiety

Not unlike many people, you may have decided with all this extra time at home it would be the perfect opportunity to adopt a puppy or older dog! Both you and your pup can certainly benefit from spending plenty of time together and working on new skills. However, your puppy or adult dog may begin […]


What to Keep Away From Pets While Celebrating 4th July

German Shepherd Dog Training in Houston

Keep Away From Pet While Celebrating 4th July It is reported that more pets go missing on July 4th than any other day of the year. In an effort to help keep everyone safe, we have put together our top list of what not to do while celebrating with your dog. 1. Do Not Forget […]

Anxiety in Dogs

Becoming a Beyond the Dog Trainer – Abby’s Story

The condensed version of how I got here to Beyond the Dog, is that I initially in college wasn’t set on what I wanted to do. I was leaning toward working with either exotics or canine rehab and so I went to Southwestern University in Georgetown Texas for their Animal Behavior Program. I always knew […]


Essential Training Tips for Puppy Owners

When you get a new puppy, they are adorable balls of fur. However, puppies know very little about behaving, which means they can develop bad behaviors if left untreated. Beyond the Dog wants to offer you some essential puppy training tips. These tips will help you develop your puppy into a happy and healthy adult. […]

Puppy Training

What to do about shock collars?

The Dangers of Shock Beyond the Dog focuses on training that builds positive relationships. In general, we avoid the use of harsh aversive stimuli. In fact, using aversive stimuli such as shock collars, prong collars, or choke chains can be detrimental to the animal’s overall wellbeing, and more effective (and humane) training methods lead to […]

Training an Adult Dog

Training the Easy Way – Shaping (3)

Now that we have introduced shaping and talked about how to shape new behaviors in our animals, we are going to spend some time on WHY Beyond the Dog focuses on shaping appropriate behaviors.  Shaping uses positive reinforcement – rewarding the behaviors we want to see. These behaviors are more likely to occur if they […]

Obedience Training

Training the Easy Way – Shaping (2)

If you have been following along our blog, we have been talking about shaping to teach new behaviors! It is one way dog trainers teach obedience skills to your puppy or dog.  To shape a new behavior, pick a target and provide treats for anything that resembles that target. As your dog gets better at […]

Obedience Training

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