"The Right Decision"
I called Beyond the Dog hysterical because my sweet pup snapped at a puppy over a stick and made him cry. The puppy was fine, the owners even said he was being a baby, Fred was fine, I was NOT fine. Michelle was very kind and compassionate and made me feel I was making the right decision.
"Made Me More Comfortable"

I first made contact with Michelle via email and she directed me through the application process. I had additional questions and spoke to her on the phone and she was knowledgeable on how trainers would train my dog and made me more comfortable giving up a house key for the trainer.

"Very Kind and Compassionate"
I called Beyond the Dog hysterical because my sweet pup snapped at a puppy over a stick and made him cry. The puppy was fine, the owners even said he was being a baby, Fred was fine, I was NOT fine. Michelle was very kind and compassionate and made me feel I was making the right decision.


Basel’s Story: Private Dog Training and Obedience Training
  Thanks to Beyond the Dog’s training our boisterous puppy is now a well-mannered pet. The trainers were professional, knowledgeable, and courteous. The training process was effective and enjoyable. We recommend Beyond the Dog without hesitation." --The Sumpter Family (Parkville, Mo)
Mac’s Story: Private Training and Puppy Obedience
Dear Kristyn and Sean, A dog is man’s best friend and Mac, our Bearded Collie, is my great buddy. Beyond the Dog helped civilize Mac, teaching (sit, stay, down, wait, don’t bite, etc.). Mac was a dream companion for my visiting 14-month-old grandson. There was no nibbling on his soft skin. No barking. He was able to use Mac for a walking companion. It was a great relationship. My home has oriental carpets. I was concerned with toilet training. Beyond the Dog made the whole experience an easy learn. We have had no accidents in 6 months. Kindness and rewards bring out the best in people and dogs. This is the training method that works best…positive reinforcement. Beyond the Dog is a great training program. Thank you. Sincerely, Marti and Patrick Mcclarney
Otis’s Story: Private Dog Training and Dog Obedience
November 9, 2007 To Whom It May Concern, I write this letter on behalf of Sean Savage, with whom my husband and I became acquainted approximately one year ago. We bought a German Shepherd puppy in September of 2006, and we asked our veterinarian, Dr. Jim Sparks, to refer us to whom he felt was the best resource for training our new puppy, Otis. Without hesitation, he recommended Sean’s company, Beyond the Dog, and we immediately contacted him to begin training. Though we had had German Shepherds before, they were never professionally trained. We loved our Shepherds, but there were behavioral issues that occurred, no doubt, because of their lack of training. We wanted no such mistakes with Otis, so we were excited to begin the work with Sean. It was obvious how knowledgeable Sean was about the breed, behavior and training, and from the beginning, he commanded Otis’s attention, respect and obedience. Otis was a quick study and the results were amazing and surprisingly quick. What was also apparent was that originally, Otis responded to Sean, but not to us-..or at least, not with the same optimum results…. thus OUR training began. He fully instructed us on his knowledge of the breed, how they think and their behavioral tendencies. With Sean’s tutelage, we set goals for desired behaviors and he commenced teaching us exercises and training in which to achieve them. And, if Otis exhibited a problematic behavior, Sean developed a correction and methodology to alter that behavior to our satisfaction. We are convinced that it is because of Sean’s expertise and knowledge that we have had such results. And, we cannot express how much of a difference it has made in our lives at home and the relationship we have with our dog. Sincerely, Patrice Jobe
Morgan’s Story: Dog Obedience and Manners
We all know what we’re in for when we get a new puppy; hours and hours of training, which never seems to stick. We play with them, we house train them, and we feel good from all the mini achievements after they come to our homes. Then, our little puppies get bigger, stronger, and quickly train us as their owners! This is the story of a super friendly, super social, super strong and super smart puppy. We are very appreciative of Kristyn and Sean for their training efforts with our 1.5 year old chocolate Labrador, named Morgan. An adorable puppy and a beautiful Labrador, Morgan came to us at 8-weeks old and learned quickly how to rule the roost. She became famous for her attention-seeking behaviors and routine of “four off the floor” as she either did fly-by jumping at things or jumping directly on people, furniture, etc. Growing quickly to 68+ pounds from the 13 pounds she weighed when bringing her home, controlling Morgan’s energy and social appetite became quite a challenge; whether on the leash, with company, in a park, at a pet store, etc. Morgan had been through some basic obedience at another company’s group training, but most of her time was spent socializing. Incorporating Morgan into our lives was our goal, which became increasingly difficult to attain on our own. After a walk with Morgan resulted in 2 bulging discs in my back, I knew it was time to seek help….. In came Beyond the Dog and their 4-week training program. Combining Morgan’s strength with her high social quotient meant she was a very strong, friendly animal whose LOVE for attention and interaction became too big a challenge for us to manage. The sight of other dogs and other people resulted in a frenzied state of excitement, which only highlighted our inability to control her in public. During the 4-week program, Kristyn and Sean not only helped instill and enforce all the basic commands of obedience for use inside and outside the home, they also taught Morgan how to recognize both verbal and hand cues, helping her become a better and more responsive dog. Morgan is an incredibly smart, full of energy, full-fledged puppy and even though she still displays the attention span of a gnat at times, my husband and I are now able to incorporate Morgan into social aspects of our life. With the tools we as owners learned and the skills Morgan learned from Kristyn and Sean, we are able to take Morgan to Starbuck’s for a coffee, go to the pet store without embarrassment, walk casually on the Plaza, and have friends over without fear that Morgan will knock them over the minute they walk through the door. The 4-week program is the BEST decision we made with our puppy and we’re really glad we found the help of Beyond the Dog. Katherine and Pierre – Stilwell, KS
Gracie and Gunner’s Story: Puppy Obedience and Manners
After several months of consideration and planning, my husband and I decided to adopt two puppies, two months apart. Yes, we did this on purpose! We had no idea what chaos was about to fill our recent empty nest! Feeling very much in desperate need of help after that first month of madness, we contacted Kristyn and Sean about their Board and Train Program. Gracie, our rottweiler went first, and Gunner, the Labrador retriever started the program the day after Gracie came home. The difference now in our household is night and day! We have control! No more chaos. We have our lives back in order and, best of all, we have two wonderful canine companions! Gracie and Gunner are now bringing joy and fun to our lives instead of frustration and angst. And all the credit goes to Sean and Kristyn. We cannot thank them enough! They were absolutely fantastic with our dogs. And they gave us the tools we needed during the home visits to maintain the obedience after Gracie and Gunner came home. We highly highly recommend them, their program and their positive training methods. If you are willing to be consistent in applying their approach, you will have an awesome relationship with your dog!! Bob & Tammy Herzig
Sammy’s Story: Private Dog Training and Aggression
Sammy was the first inside dog we have ever had after many years of family pets that mainly stayed outside. He started off as my daughter’s dog and as she went off to college he became our “empty nester” companion. Sammy is playful, can do cute tricks and always is excited to see us when we come home. As with most pets, he added to our quality of life. Sammy had two main issues; 1) He guarded anything in his possession such as bones, food and toys. Sammy growled and/or snapped at anyone who came close to him (even me) when he had possessions close to him. 2) In Sammy’s World I was number one, he was number two and everyone else was below that. When he was in close proximity to me he would assume the guarding position. For the most part we could deal with Sammy’s behavior and control his environment. But, we like to entertain and have company at our house a lot. When strangers come to the house Sammy would get apprehensive toward them and we would have to put him up in another room. Our biggest concern came when we found out we were going to be grandparents. My wife heard Sean speak at her Rotary Club about Beyond the Dog. We made contact and Kristyn came out and suggested a series of training sessions. The most effective part of the sessions was that she would teach us how to train Sammy. Now, our Grandson is 14 months old and sits on Sammy, pulls his tail and Sammy let him do it. As a result of Kristyn’s efforts Sammy now can be vital part of our family. --Eddie James
Bodi’s Story: Dog Obedience and Manners
  We adopted Bodi, a seven month old puppy, from a shelter. Bodi seemed like a calm, low-keyed dog who would easy to bring into our home. However, we found his calmness to be short-lived, as he was sick with intestinal issues. Once he was well again, Bodi was wild and unmanageable (although still sweet as can be). He chewed couches, carpets, shoes, etc., jumped on everyone, dragged me along on his leash. Our friends actually made a song up about his daily destruction, sung to the tune of The 12 Days of Christmas. Although we have had dogs, we have never had to train one and didn’t know what to do. We found Beyond the Dog through friends and decided to send Bodi to Kristyn and Sean for their Board and Train program. I was not sure anything would work with the dog, but he came home a well behaved, trained, great dog. Once the three weeks were completed, Sean spent time at our home teaching us how to reinforce what Bodi had learned. Today, Bodi is different dog than before training. He is a joy to walk, he knows what to chew versus not chew (the best achievement), he knows about 10 commands, and it is just fun to watch him do what he is supposed to do. I am not sure what we would have done without Kristyn and Sean. We really appreciate what Beyond the Dog was able to do with Bodi. Thanks, Kristyn and Sean. --Rondi Furgason
Fozzy’s Story: Private Dog Training and Dog Obedience
  Fozzy was a 13 week old Airedale puppy when she arrived at our home. She was coming along great in her training except for one thing. She was almost uncontrollable while walking on a leash when people and other dogs would come along. You name it and she tried it in order to get to the people or dogs. I thought there goes my dream of ever having a dog walk obediently beside me so in desperation I looked on line for help. You name it and I tried it. Nothing worked. I decided to contact my veterinarian's office to see if they knew of any trainers who could help me. They quickly recommended Beyond the Dog. That very day I gave them a call. Kristyn answered and told me what they offered (private lessons, board & train, classes, & play dates). From her attitude over the phone I thought right away this was the right fit especially since they would come to my home where I was having the trouble which was something I never dreamed trainers did. We set up an at home training date and I wasn't disappointed, the fit was perfect. Kristyn's advise was great and we decided to not only do in home training but set up play dates and drop and train dates as well. This is where I had the opportunity to meet Sean for he did the drop and train as well as the play dates. He was just as great as Kristyn. Before, you knew it I had the dog of my dreams. We even did obedience classes they offered in order to maintain the level Fozzy was at and to ensure more socialization. You name it and we've done everything they had to offer except the Board and Train Program. Don't just let my words convince you for the real proof is your dog for if your dog isn't happy then no matter where you take them they aren't going to learn and will grow to hate and rebel against going. Fozzy fell in love with them and couldn't wait to get out of the car to get to them which just proved my feelings about them was correct (They are a perfect for fit for not only my dog but for all. Dogs love them and they love dogs.) Marcia Ball
Cooper’s Story: Private Dog Training and Manners
We called Beyond the Dog after we adopted Cooper, a 1-year-old black lab. The private lessons in our home were great--convenient, and best of all, in Cooper's own territory (where he would get into all kinds of trouble!) Cooper had never been around cats and would chase our sweet cat Pirate so often that Pirate never came up from the basement for nearly 4 months. With the trainer's help, we taught Cooper to leave the cat alone--not an easy feat for a 90 lb. curious lab. With time, the cat learned to trust Cooper and now they are good buddies. We still continue to consult Beyond the Dog for any problems with our pets, and have recommended them to many friends. They are a tremendous resource! --Kelly & Tom Dreyer, Mission Hills
Max’s Story: Private Dog Training and Aggression
Max, our Boxer Mix, came to us as a stray at approximately six months of age. Being "empty nesters" he became "our baby" and was quickly spoiled. He was a very loving and affectionate dog until around 3 years of age. He then started showing signs of aggression and became extremely territorial towards other dogs, and anything that went in front of our house. Weighing 76 pounds he was hard to physically control and was impossible to take for a walk. Through a magazine ad we found Beyond the Dog. Sean came to our home on a weekly basis and worked with Max as well as the two of us. We learned that Max's behavior was due to stress and fear. We learned how to be the pack leaders and when our role changed, Max became a much happier dog. As his stress level changed he became more enjoyable and controllable to walk on a daily basis and have around visitors and neighbors. Sean and Kristyn were nothing but professional, very knowledgeable and compassionate with our situation with Max. Sean worked with us on how to be the pack leaders, basic obedience, how to remedy separation anxiety and how to correct Max, not with pain, but with positive reinforcement and behavior modification. Max has also benefited by becoming more social with other dogs when he has boarded with Beyond the Dog. It has been so nice when other people have commented on Max's improved behavior. We now have a much calmer, happier household thanks to Sean and Kristyn's expertise. --John and Kathy Painter (Lee's Summit MO)
Hogan’s Story: Puppy Obedience
  Many thanks to Beyond the Dog in helping me learn to train our Lab puppy. The Puppy Kindergarten classes were a great way to get to know my puppy and learn the best way to train him. The voice, handsignal, marker, reward method helped my dog learn what I expect from him. As a walker, the leash training was great. We now walk everywhere on a gentle leader! Kristyn's knowledge in training and teaching was very interesting to me and a fun outing with my puppy. Hogan and I attended the next level class and again it was repeating learned behavior with advanced teaching. We practiced more walking and advanced "stay" techniques. We learned about eye contact and how important it is when teaching a command. The "drop it" class was beneficial as they do put things in their mouths which should not be there! Hogan is almost one year and is still somewhat frisky but knows what is expected of him. Thanks to Beyond the Dog for teaching Hogan and I good behavior!
Bruno’s Story: Board and Train
Bruno and I (his owner) are very thankful to have found Kristyn and Sean. Bruno is a very successful graduate of their "Board & Train" program and he also stays with them when I'm out of town. I rescued Bruno almost two years ago. He's a mixed Bully breed and he has all of the "Bully" characteristics; happy, confident, care-free, cuddly, gentle with children, silly, playful, mildly dog aggressive and he has a huge prey dive. Bruno the Knucklehead Sean affectionately calls Bruno a "Knucklehead" and this term of endearment is a very accurate depiction of his personality. After Bruno completed the program and after I learned how to work with Bruno we were able to do all of the basic commands and a whole lot more. For example, we learned sit, down, stay, wait, come, loose leash walking, leave it, and place. Bruno also completely stopped jumping up on everyone and everything but by far the best reward was Bruno's new ability to play well with other dogs at off leash dog parks. After working with Kristyn and Sean we now have an excellent quality of life together and we are both very thankful for our relationship. --Charlie Becker
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