"The Right Decision"
I called Beyond the Dog hysterical because my sweet pup snapped at a puppy over a stick and made him cry. The puppy was fine, the owners even said he was being a baby, Fred was fine, I was NOT fine. Michelle was very kind and compassionate and made me feel I was making the right decision.
"Made Me More Comfortable"

I first made contact with Michelle via email and she directed me through the application process. I had additional questions and spoke to her on the phone and she was knowledgeable on how trainers would train my dog and made me more comfortable giving up a house key for the trainer.

"Very Kind and Compassionate"
I called Beyond the Dog hysterical because my sweet pup snapped at a puppy over a stick and made him cry. The puppy was fine, the owners even said he was being a baby, Fred was fine, I was NOT fine. Michelle was very kind and compassionate and made me feel I was making the right decision.


Teaching an Older Dog High Level Obedience and Manners
Erica was GREAT with Tucker! She worked with us to make sure the proper training was done so that Tucker would have long-term success, and the results were great! She was incredibly friendly and patient with Tucker and us, which was very refreshing. -Michell Crosby
Leash walking and Front Door Greetings in Preparation for Baby
Beyond the Dog is awesome! They were so flexible when we set up our training schedule. Stephanie was amazing with our dog, Harvey, and was able to help us understand the reasons for his behavior. Harvey absolutely loved her and really has just become a happier more balanced doggie since she has started working with him. I really appreciated Kristyn's help as well going over things I'd need to implement with Harvey since we are expecting a baby. All-in-all I totally recommend Beyond the Dog and Stephanie if you're looking for help training your dog! -Marilyn Jennings
-Marilyn Jennings
Dog Aggression and Obedience Training
I wanted to thank you for the help that Beyond The Dog has given me. Stephanie is such a valuable asset with her wealth of information, patience and training abilities. The amazing difference in how Shadow reacts in all situations is great and it was accomplished in such a short time frame. Her aggressive reaction to other dogs is almost gone, she even has some dog friends. We even have a much better reaction to the deer in the back yard. I will admit that I have to review my homework assignments every so often to make sure I am on track. With that being said sometimes I’m not sure if Stephanie trained Shadow or me. Either way I am very pleased with Shadows progress and will continue everything we have been taught. - Tim
Dog Training Saved Us Money
I have to tell you that you were worth every dime we paid you training Zeus. The other morning I was putting in my hearing aids and dropped one. (Zeus sleeps jammed up against my side of the bed which also puts him near the dresser where I keep the aids at night.} When the aid hit the floor he went running over to it and I said leave it. He stood there looking at it, but did not attempt to touch it. At $3400 for each hearing aid YOU were a bargain. Thanks for the great training. He would never in a thousand years have left it alone prior to you working with him. He's a different dog from the St Bernard we brought home from Springfield. I can't thank you enough. -Bob Irving
Great Plains SPCA
When deciding on a trainer for your pet, there are many options from which to choose. However, if you are looking for positive results, innovative practices and unmatched professional and educational expertise, Beyond The Dog is the only answer. Sean and Kristyn Savage have successfully managed the most challenging behavioral cases for our shelter pets, and have provided effective and positive training guidance to our adopters, which has resulted in keeping the bond between pets and their owners strong… as well as keeping them together. Their positive, humane and compassionate approach to dealing with general obedience up to complicated aggression cases is second to none. We are proud to refer our adopters to Beyond The Dog and are incredibly grateful for the many shelter pets they have helped overcome challenges and become beloved family members. -Courtney Thomas, CAWA | President & CEO
Taysia Blue Siberian Husky and Alaskan Malamute Rescue
If you need a trainer for your pet Beyond the Dog is an excellent choice. They have helped my family pets and many of our rescue huskies that needed some guidance. I highly recommend them! -Tammi Neumer, Foster Parent for Taysia Blue Siberian Husky and Alaskan Malamute Rescue
Recall with Distractions
Nora came when called this morning after killing a rabbit. We are so thrilled that even with a treasure to guard, she obeyed. Thanks again for all your work with us. We appreciate you so much! -Darchelle Webster
Taysia Blue Siberian Husky and Alaskan Malamute Rescue
Beyond the Dog’s training methods are the building blocks to ensuring a great relationship between you and your dog. For our organization it goes beyond that. Kristyn and Sean have helped our volunteers manage various problem behaviors with a common sense training plan. Armed with that information and success, those volunteers have been able to then educate adoptive families to make the entire adoption process so much more valuable. We believe that each dog’s mental health is as important as their physical health. Investment in training has become an integral part of our rescue philosophy. We strongly urge dog families to work with a trainer throughout the life of their dog in order to provide greater enrichment for all involved. Kristyn and Sean are professional, knowledgeable and creative in their approach, we can’t recommend them enough. - Jackie Roach, President of Taysia Blue Siberian Husky and Alaskan Malamute Rescue
Friends of KC Animals
Beyond The Dog's trainers, Sean and Kristyn, are Friends of KC Animals' "go to" training experts. The duo knows so much about dog behavior and we appreciate that these trainers' methods focus on positive reinforcement and common sense. Beyond The Dog has helped many people who have reached out to our organization needing solutions for their pets. Without the informed guidance from Beyond The Dog, these pets would have ended up surrendered at area shelters, or would have been killed due to their various behavioral issues. -Britton Hunter, President of Friends of KC Animals
Storm Phobia and Anxiety
Kristyn and Sean at Beyond the Dog are amazing people and pet people! They made it possible for our family to keep our Shih Tzu as a member of our family. Our dog was an emotional wreck and we needed guidance on how to turn things around. Training with Beyond the Dog changed our dog's life and our lives. We now live together happily and while our dog is still a bit "unique", he has lovable quirks. It's also great knowing we can get a tune up from Beyond the Dog. If you need regular training or if your dog is a little "off", Beyond the Dog will make your pet a happy and well-behaved pet! -Meg Badwey Conger
Eagle Animal Hospital
Both trainers are extremely knowledgeable, friendly and can think outside the box. I always highly recommend Beyond The Dog. -Scott Read
Crate Soiling and Housebreaking
We worked with Kristyn on crate & house soiling that we were unable to resolve ourselves. Kristyn made herself available for my calls, my texts, questions, concerns - helping me understand that there is always a reason for behaviors, and ways to address them. She also helped us uncover underlying physical issues that we are working to resolve. Thank you Kristyn for your guidance and support as we work to help our little guy lead a happy and healthy life! I'd highly recommend Beyond the Dog for their patience, depth of knowledge, level of explanation, and dedication to helping people understand not only what to do, but why. -Amy Satterlund
Bull Terrier Training