Other Pet Training

Other Pet Training

Animal Behaviorist and Professional Trainers For Rabbits, Pigs, Ferrets, and More

Although dogs and cats are the most common types of animals kept as pets in the United States, they’re not the only ones. Pot-bellied pigs, parrots, and ferrets, to name a few, are also known to be kept as pets. With this in mind, Beyond The Dog extends its training services to a variety of animals. Non-traditional pets are just as likely to show behavioral concerns as cats and dogs. Excessive vocalization, aggression, and house soiling are just some of the issues we address within our training programs.

Contrary to popular belief, non-traditional pets are just as trainable as dogs and cats, if not more so. This is because animals such as pigs and parrots are known for their heightened intelligence. This characteristic means they are able to learn, understand, and obey commands, just like a dog or cat would. No matter what species of animal your pet is, Beyond The Dog is here to help you with all your training needs.

We offer three different training programs to owners of non-traditional pets. Each program is carried out in your home to ensure your animal feels as comfortable as possible. In addition to this, our trainers work closely with you to determine which training method will be most beneficial for your pet.

Every Pet is Unique

Much like how different breeds of dogs require specific training methods, non-traditional pets need training techniques that will work for them. This is because every animal has its own personality. Furthermore, each species thrive in different environments, which could play a vital role in how they are trained. Regardless, our trainers have a deep understanding of animal behavior and will help you throughout the course of our program. Additionally, they will help you understand the techniques we use so you can continue working with your animal beyond our classes.

A Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist leads our team, and all of our trainers are professionally trained. Because of this, our understanding of animal behavior is second to none. Our knowledge and experience allow us to find and utilize the most effective methods for training a variety of animals.

If you’re unsure which of our programs would be best suited to the needs of your animal, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. We will discuss your concerns and help determine which program will best benefit your animal.

For non-traditional pets, we offer three different training programs. This includes our Private In-Home training lessons, our Executive Training Program, and our Video Chat Training Program. You can learn more about these programs below or by getting in touch with our team.

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