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At Beyond the Dog, we strive to provide owners with the highest held standard in professional training. We hold our trainers to even greater standards because of the approach our organization uses. Our company is led by Dr. Kristyn Echterling-Savage our Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist (CAAB) and Sean Savage our Certified Dog Behavior Consultant. In addition to their certifications, both Kristyn and Sean have advanced degrees in behavioral science. These certifications and their educational background have helped them establish a company that uses science and trusted-training techniques for pet training. They work closely with their trainers to ensure their training methods are solid. In addition, each trainer also holds an advanced degree in behavioral science. Furthermore, most of the trainers are certified by the Association of Professional Dog Training.

Their high level of education and training makes our trainers some of the most skilled in the dog training industry. We use a positive reward-based system to train pets. This process is best because it establishes a stronger bond between the owner and the pet. It is also the most trusted way of pet training, which Beyond the Dog trainers keep up-to-date on. Of course, our programs are not effective unless our trainers can teach the owners. Well, our trainers are more than capable of training owners on the proper training techniques. A trainer will work with an owner to ensure they know the proper training methods.

Once you have the training down, you are free to train their dog, cat, or other pet at your own will outside of training sessions. In fact, you are expected to train your pets outside of training sessions. Some programs place most of the training on the trainer while others put more on you, the owner. Regardless, each program expects the owner to work closely with the trainer to ensure the training sticks. Consistency and repetition are important when training pets.

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Beyond the Dog serves pet owners in St. Louis and surrounding areas. We are also capable of training pets outside of the service area via our online training sessions. Contact our office today by calling (314) 873-1213.