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Need help training a support animal? Call Beyond the Dog!

Beyond the Dog offers programs to help train emotional support dogs, as well as train dogs to perform certain specific service tasks. Support animals play an important roles in the lives of humans across the nation. Beyond the Dog offers owners support animal behavior training.

The Differences Between a Service Dog and an Emotional Support Animal

Firstly, service dogs are used by people who need help with daily tasks they cannot complete on their own. This may include a blind individual crossing the road or assisting someone out of a chair. On the other hand, emotional support animals are used to reduce the symptoms of an individual’s emotional disability. Plus, emotional support animals could be almost any kind of animal, although cats and dogs are the most common.

Secondly, service dogs are protected under the Americans for Disabilities Act (ADA). This act provides them with the ability to go anywhere their owner can go. Service dogs are allowed into restaurants, hotels, planes, and more. The areas in which an emotional support animal can go are more restrictive.

Emotional support animals are not seen as a necessity like service dogs. Instead, emotional support animals are more of a companion for owners, while service dogs help their owners 24/7.

Finally, both roles vary when it comes to training. Oftentimes, emotional support animals are pets. They are not required to have any kind of formal training. In contrast, service dogs require formal training. Service dogs go through intensive training for approximately six months before they are handed off to an individual.

Beyond the Dog can Provide Training

Emotional support animals and service dogs play crucial roles in human lives. Regardless of their differences, Beyond the Dog offers support animal training. However, we do not train pets to recognize biological warnings such as seizures or glucose monitoring.

Our trainers provide teach support dogs to perform specific behaviors. Service dog owners can always benefit from additional training techniques, and emotional support animals can become more obedient to serve their role to the fullest.

Beyond the Dog trainers will work with the animal to make them more sociable, greet people politely, and enjoy new environments appropriately. We recommend clients start their dog off with more advanced obedience behaviors in order to establish a solid groundwork for future training. The All-Inclusive Dog Training Program is a great option because it provides training in and outside of the home, conforms to the needs of clients, and produces a highly obedient animal. Service behaviors may also be added to the program, such as walking alongside a wheelchair.

Canine Good Citizen

The All-Inclusive Dog Training Program can also assist clients in completing the AKC Canine Good Citizen evaluation. The American Kennel Club developed Canine Good Citizen in 1989. Since then, more than a million dogs and owners have participated. The certification requires dogs and their owners to master ten basic commands. Beyond the Dog’s trainers can help owners prepare for this certification. The Canine Good Citizen evaluation offers confidence in dogs and their owners. Moreover, this certification is a step toward even more advanced certifications owners can pursue. Contact us today to learn more!

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