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Take the first steps in the right direction by enrolling your pet in Beyond the Dog’s Private In-Home Pet Training.
Behaviors Typically Covered
  • House soiling
  • Inappropriate chewing
  • Inappropriate squawking
Frequency of Training
This program typically only features 2 or 3 total sessions. Of course, the amount of sessions is determined by the behaviors being displayed by your pet. Each session meets weekly or biweekly. Sessions are an hour-long except for the first, which is an hour and a half.
What to Expect
The first session will involve the trainer addressing your concerns about your pet’s behaviors. Then, they will develop a training protocol to treat your pet’s behaviors. During each session, your trainer will observe progress and provide feedback. They will also address questions and concerns you may have about the training protocol. From there, you will have the knowledge and tools to train your pet.
  • Prices vary at each location, so please visit the respective website for more information. The following rates and details apply to all locations, however.
    • There will be a $10-15/session surcharge for locations outside of our service area. If applicable, you will be notified of this prior to the program start.

Private In-Home Pet Training is designed for pets displaying one or two minor behaviors. A few examples include house soiling, aggression, and early socialization. The training is conducted inside of your home, so you and the pet are as comfortable as possible. One or sometimes two professional trainers will come to the home to conduct the training. This is convenient for owners because they don’t have to go anywhere. Plus, it helps the pet learn in a comfortable environment.

During the one and a half-hour session, the trainer(s) will review the current and past behaviors of your pet. You will provide information regarding the pet’s behavior that will help formulate the pet’s training protocols. Trainers will work with your pet in order to gather as much information as possible. In addition to working with your pet, the trainer works with you to ensure you know the treatment plan, and the protocol is performed effectively.

Each client receives a full, customized training program for their pet. No two pets are the same as they can display any number of different behaviors. With that said, it is crucial for pets to receive their very own customized training program. After the initial session, the trainer will send the training protocol for the owner to start. Trainers will check the progress of the training each session and provide additional training to the owner.

If you own a bird, ferret, rabbit, pig, or other small pet, then contact Beyond the Dog for Private In-Home Pet Training.

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