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You can still obtain Beyond the Dog’s expertise outside of our three major service areas!
Behaviors Typically Covered
  • Housebreaking
  • Play biting
  • Chewing
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Storm Phobia
Frequency of Training
Typically, dog owners enroll in 2 or 3 total sessions. The video chat session is scheduled either weekly or biweekly. The frequency will vary on the behaviors. Each session is an hour-long.
What to Expect
During the video chat sessions, your trainer will provide a training protocol for you to follow. You will follow the protocol in order to train your dog or treat the behaviors they are displaying. The trainer will also observe the dog, provide feedback on progress, and address questions during the video chat calls.
The cost is $140 per session.

You still have access to Beyond the Dog’s services outside of our service areas. The Video Chat Dog Training Program is perfect for addressing various behaviors like chewing, play biting, housebreaking, and separation anxiety. Our trainers will assess your dog’s behavior without coming to your home. Instead, they will observe over a video call. Owners are encouraged to ask questions associated with the training protocols or their dog’s behavior.

Even though most of our clients enroll in two or three sessions, you are always welcome to schedule more. Simply call us, and we will add more as you see fit. The process of the sessions is relatively simple. The first session will involve a dog trainer who will examine your pet’s current and past behavior. From there, the trainer will design a treatment or obedience protocol for you to follow. Once the session is over, you will be sent a written protocol for you to follow. If you have any questions or concerns outside of the session, then the owner will be available to contact the trainer via phone or email at no additional cost.

Beyond the Dog is dedicated to providing all of our clients with the same knowledgeable and trusted training techniques regardless of the delivery method. So, contact us today if you are interested in our video chat dog training.

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