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Are you looking for a Private In-Home Dog Training Program near you?
Behaviors Typically Covered
  • Housebreaking
  • Play biting
  • Chewing
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Storm Phobia
Frequency of Training
Clients typically enroll in 2 or 3 total sessions. These sessions may meet weekly or biweekly. The frequency of sessions will vary with each case. Each session is 60-minutes in length.
What to Expect
This program is dedicated to teaching you how to train your dog. The trainer will meet with you and set up the training program. They will describe it in detail, so you are comfortable and confident. Finally, depending on the behavior, the trainer will work with the dog and ask you to perform the same task.
  • Prices vary at each location, so please visit the respective website for more information. The following rates apply to all locations, however.
    • There will be a $10-15/session surcharge for locations outside of our service area. If applicable, you will be notified of this prior to the program start.

If you live within or near one of our three major service areas, then Private In-Home Dog Training is a good choice. Of course, it varies on the types of behaviors your dog is displaying or the commands you want them to learn. Private In-Home Dog Training is perfect for those wanting to get off on the right foot when it comes to training. Many enrolled in this program are new dog owners or have puppies. The fact that this program is performed in the comfort of your own home will also help you and the dog feel comfortable.

Many of the dogs within this program only display minor problem behaviors. We most commonly work on housebreaking. play biting, chewing, and separation anxiety, though there are other behaviors we can address. During the initial hour and a half session, the trainer will work with the dog and you to show you the entire process. Then, they will work with you to show you the right techniques for training. Trainers will ensure you use the treatment plan correctly.

Beyond the Dog wants to ensure that you feel comfortable training your dog using specific methods. With that said, the trainer is available via phone or email for private support with no additional charge. Access to these resources allows you to have an effective training program. Subsequent sessions will involve assessment, additional training, and addressing questions.

Call one of our Beyond the Dog locations today in order to learn more about the Private In-Home Dog Training or to start the enrollment process!

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