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Beyond the Dog offers additional support to those who have already completed one of our other programs.
Behaviors Typically Covered
  • Off-leash obedience
  • Reduce rewards
  • Additional reduction in aggression
  • Obtain owner-set obedience goals
Frequency of Training
Each session in the Maintenance Program is an hour-long. Sessions typically occur twice a week or meet your specific needs. The frequency of training is determined on a case-by-case basis.
What to Expect
After completion of an intensive dog training program, contact Beyond the Dog about additional goals. Off-leash obedience is a common want among dog owners, but this program is great for various types of goals. It also helps reduce rewards and further reduces aggression. The length of this program varies but could last from a month to a year.
Prices vary at each location, so please visit the respective website for more information.

Many of Beyond the Dog’s clients complete the all-inclusive and/or the executive dog training program. Many dog owners enjoyed them so much they didn’t want them to end. So, the Maintenance Program is an option for them to continue their dog’s training with Beyond the Dog’s expertise.

The Maintenance Program is the most flexible program at Beyond the Dog. Sessions are typically twice a week, but it varies on the case. When you contact us about the program, we will discuss with you what you want out of this program. What are your goals for enrolling in the Maintenance Program? The answer to this question will help us help you determine the length of the program. We do offer four different options for the Maintenance Program, which you can view below.

Beyond the Dog offers the following programs:

  • 1 Month Maintenance Program

  • 3 Month Maintenance Program

  • 6 Month Maintenance Program

  • 1 Year Maintenance Program

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Cancellation Policy: Beyond the Dog should be notified of any changes at least one week prior to the scheduled appointment.