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Executive Dog Training is a less intensive option and offers training for three or four different behaviors.
Behaviors Typically Covered
  • 3-4 obedience behaviors or household manners
  • Low-level reactivity
Frequency of Training
The Executive Dog Training Program meets 3 times a week for 3 weeks. The first 2 meetings of the week will only include your dog and the trainer. Then, you will participate in the last day of training, so you can learn the various obedience commands. It is up to you to continue training outside of the sessions. Each session is an hour other than the first. The first session is an hour and a half.
What to Expect
Your trainer will work with your dog one-on-one starting out. The first two meetings of the week are dedicated to the trainer working with your dog. The last day will involve you, where you will learn the commands taught by your trainer. From there, you and your trainer will work together to train your dog. It becomes a joint effort, but you will be doing most of the training because training needs to continue outside of sessions. The trainer will assess the progress of the training throughout the program.
  • Prices vary at each location, so please visit the respective website for more information. The following rates apply to all locations, however.
    • $100 deposit required to schedule the program. This amount will be credited toward the amount due the first day of training
    • There will be a $10-15/session surcharge for locations outside of our service area. If applicable, you will be notified of this prior to the program start.

Executive Dog Training focuses on preselected dog behaviors that you are wanting to focus on. These behaviors are preselected in order to streamline the training process. Most dogs within this program engage in about one or two non-severe problem behaviors. This program is also an excellent option for training your dog up to four different obedience behaviors or manners.

Before the program starts, the obedience commands will be selected. During the initial phone interview or email, Beyond the Dog will provide you with the recommended length of the program. This number will be an estimate of the minimum number of weeks required for the problem behavior. Three weeks is the most common among our clients, but it could be longer.

It is important to note the Executive Dog Training program is performed in the comfort of your home. During the sessions, the trainer will perform a behavior assessment. This helps them design a treatment for your dog’s problem behaviors. The treatment is designed around your specific dog, so each client’s experience will be different from the last. The trainer will also train you, so training can continue outside of the sessions.

At the point of learning the obedience commands, you and the trainer are working together to train the dog. You will also continue to learn new commands, be provided with advice, and how to’s. You are also welcome to ask the trainer any questions you may have. Our trainer is there to make you feel comfortable and confident throughout the entire program.

Beyond the Dog’s Executive Dog Training Program is the perfect option for dogs and owners looking for a less intensive program. Contact us today to find out more or to start the enrollment process!