Yorkie Training, Chihuahua Training, And Toy Poodle Training

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Ensure your tiny four-legged friend has all the appropriate manners and knows a few obedience commands.

Some families may look toward a toy breed of dogs such as a Yorkie, Toy Poodle, or Chihuahua. These dogs are great additions to any family. These dogs are similar, but they certainly have their own differences as all dogs do. When it comes to Yorkies, they are super passionate and affectionate toward their owners. When it comes to strangers, Yorkies can be suspicious and bark a lot. This breed is also known to be difficult to house train.

Toy Poodles are intelligent and love to greet people. Poodles love to play as they are always ready for a game. This breed is capable of getting lonely if left alone for long periods of time. Toy poodles are also capable of taking advantage of owners if they are spoiled. Beyond the Dog can help teach them some manners and simple obedience commands.

Chihuahuas may be small dogs, but they have a big personality. They love being around their family and do not do well on their own. Chihuahuas are very intelligent and agile dogs that can develop a strong bond with just one person; however, if there is overindulgence, then the dog may ask for too much at certain times.

Regardless of the toy dog breed you have, Beyond the Dog is capable of training all of them. Early socialization and crate training are two important aspects we like to start with when it comes to puppies. Each of these breeds is capable of learning simple obedience commands. If your dog has problem behaviors, then those can be addressed too. Beyond the Dog’s trainers will adjust the program if necessary, so that your Yorkie, Chihuahua, or Toy Poodle can learn at an optimal rate.

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