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Contact Beyond the Dog today in order to tap into the great intelligence of your German Shephard.

German Shepherds are a very intelligent breed as they are used in many police forces across the United States. However, they are also great family dogs due to their eagerness to please. These dogs are capable of learning various obedience commands, and Beyond the Dog is capable of adjusting each program to the needs of German Shephards.

As with all breeds, early socialization is an important part of a dog’s life. German Shephard puppies should socialize as much as possible, so they establish good reactivity later on in adulthood. When it comes to training, Beyond the Dog uses positive reinforcement in order to train dogs. This helps them develop a stronger bond with their owner or family. Families looking to choose a German Shephard will find them to be extremely loyal dogs. German Shephards should be exposed to family activities, which will improve happiness and socialization.

Beyond the Dog has various different programs for German Shephards. Each of these programs are designed for specific behaviors and vary in intensity. Each program is taught a standard way, but our trainers recognize the different needs and characteristics of breeds. Owners can expect our trainers to adjust the program to compensate for the breed.

Contact Beyond the Dog today if you are interested in our breed-specific training. German Shepherds are brilliant dogs. Beyond the Dog wants to help you make the most out of that intelligence with various obedience commands. Of course, we can also help you treat specific problem behaviors your German Shephard may be displaying. From aggression to play biting, our trainers can help your German Shephard become a better-behaved puppy.

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