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Owners can maintain their French or English Bulldog’s hilarious nature after obedience training. In fact, training will enhance their boisterous personalities.

English Bulldogs and French Bulldogs are often seen as lazy. Their stocky bodies, short legs, and flat faces have garnered them the reputation. However, bully’s are incredibly playful and energetic. Both breeds have similar appearances and a few overlapping traits, but they both have their distinct characteristics.

Both breeds are intelligent, loyal, and friendly. When it comes to French Bulldogs, they are much more of a lapdog than their English counterpart. They can also be sneaky, so owners will need to keep an eye on them. In some cases, they can be stubborn, but they also love to cuddle up next to you. On the other hand, English Bulldogs are calmer and have a better demeanor. The English Bulldog also likes to play, but they will be less energetic and stay at your feet rather than your lap.

One of the best ways you can prepare your French Bulldog puppy or English Bulldog puppy for adulthood is through socialization. This aspect of a dog’s life is essential as it helps them become more confident and happier. It will also lay the groundwork for reactivity when they are adults. A common goal for dog owners is for their dog to have a positive reaction toward another dog. Early socialization helps with that.

When it comes to puppies, house soiling may also be a common occurrence. Beyond the Dog practices crate training, which is a driving force in stopping this behavior. In addition, these dogs can have strong bites, so we also work with them to reduce play biting and increase appropriate chewing. The last thing an owner wants is a good pillow or cushion to end up all over the house. Finally, bully’s are capable of greeting people with hyperactivity. If that is the case, then our trainers will show them how to properly greet someone rather than knocking them over.


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