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Boxer and Doberman breeds are excellent choices for families because of their high intelligence and obedience to their owners.

Dog breeds such as Boxers and Dobermans are often seen as aggressive dogs. This misconception may come from their aesthetic, but these dogs are brilliant, loyal, and protective. Both dogs are very family-friend due to their ability to protect their owners with great pride. Dobermans can be very dependable as they are used for police and military use all over the world.

All dog breeds benefit from early socialization because it helps training later. Proper socialization will lead to appropriate chewing habits that would get out of control otherwise. Boxers will benefit from crate training because as they get older, they can become distressed in confined spaces. So, a crate will not be as viable. Of course, Dobermans will also benefit from crate training. In general, crate training is an efficient way of potty training a dog.

Boxers and Dobermans are both known for their loyalty more than anything. Even though some may believe they look intimidating, they are known to be loving and loyal creatures that will stand by their families. These breeds are known for their protective nature and high intelligence. So, owners can benefit significantly from a highly-obedient Boxer or Doberman.

Beyond the Dog has multiple different types of dog training programs that can offer various obedience commands or treat specific problem behaviors. Each of our programs vary in intensity levels, and some are geared toward more aggressive dogs or certain behaviors. When you contact us, our team will ask you questions regarding your dog’s behavior. They will recommend the best program best suited for your dog.

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