Australian Shepherd Characteristics

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Australian Shepherds are energetic and intelligent, which makes them extremely trainable dogs. Beyond the Dog can help your Aussie with various behaviors.

Despite the name, Australian Shephards originate from the United States rather than Australia. These dogs were made for working. More specifically, Aussies were herders. With that said, these dogs have a lot of energy and can pick up commands in no time. These traits make them a perfect fit for an active family, couple, or single person.

Australian Shepherd Characteristics

Aussies need to have proper socialization, so they develop into friendly and confident adults. With proper socialization, you can then achieve off-leash obedience. Many dog owners want off-leash obedience in their dogs. Your Australian Shephard will have an easy time burning off energy if they are trained in off-leash obedience. Commands such as come, stay, and strong heel are important for off-leash obedience. You can take your Aussie on a hike or run through the neighborhood with these commands.

It is essential to train your Aussie in the right way or complications may appear later on in adulthood.  These are extremely intelligent dogs and could potentially take advantage of you. If your Australian Shephard is displaying problem behaviors, then contact Beyond the Dog’s team today. Our professional dog trainers and animal behaviorist will develop the right training protocols for your Aussie.

Beyond the Dog can provide the exact kind of training you are needing. Our programs are customized to the needs of each dog and client. This helps us develop obedience commands and treat problem behaviors. Australian Shepherds are an intelligent breed, so you can expect to see progress quickly. Of course, progress will vary from case to case. Contact Beyond the Dog today for details on our six dog training programs. Our team will address any questions or concerns you may have about your dog’s training.

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