Australian Shepherd Characteristics

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Australian Shepherds are well loved for their stunning appearance and above-average intelligence.

In fact, they routinely rank in the top 20 dog breeds in the United States! The AKC notes that they are often thought of as a “cowboy dog” perfect for life on the ranch. Australian Shepherds are great dogs for families on-the-go who are always up for an adventure! Because of their intelligence and high energy levels, though, a lot of Australian Shepherd owners find themselves with furry tornadoes of destruction instead of the family dog they anticipated.

There is good news! Our Beyond the Dog trainers can work to channel your Australian Shepherd’s energy and smarts into more constructive and positive behaviors instead of destructive and undesirable ones.

A common problem behavior that Australian Shepherds exhibit is reactivity toward people and animals, and our trainers know how to correct that behavior using positive reinforcers such as treats, toys, affection, or play time! Beyond the Dog trainers will use your Australian Shepherd’s energy and intelligence as a benefit of the breed instead of a challenge to overcome! By working with your dog’s natural breed characteristics, we can help you and your furry friend get back on the hiking trail or out on the town!

Whether your Australian Shepherd is a new puppy needs to start off their training on the right paw, your seasoned senior dog needs to learn some new tricks, or anything in between, our trainers at Beyond the Dog are here to help. With specialized training for your Australian Shepherd, our trainers will craft a program for your unique needs!

Contact us today. Our team will help you determine which program is best suited for your Australian Shepherd.

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