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Beyond the Dog offers professional pet training services for dogs, cats, birds, ferrets, rabbits, pigs, and beyond! View each of our services and program details below.

Houston Puppy and Dog Training

Dog Training Programs

Beyond the Dog has almost 15 years of experience training dogs. Dog owners in Kansas City, Houston, and Austin are able to take advantage of our training programs. We have a variety of different dog training programs. These programs are designed from the ground up by our Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist (CAAB) and Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (CDBC).

The programs vary in intensity, price, length, behavior focus, and so much more. When owners come to Beyond the Dog, we help them select which program is best for them. Certain programs work best for others, and it will be different from case to case. You can see the list of programs and some additional details about each below.

All-Inclusive Dog Training

The all-inclusive dog training program is one of the most intensive programs offered. Sessions meet five times per week for four weeks. Each session is an hour in length. The trainer and the dog will meet exclusively on four of the five days. The fifth day is a lesson with the owner, so they can learn the training procedures.

Board and Train

Our board and train program is another intensive option. Owners’ dogs will stay in the home of a trainer for at least three weeks, sometimes four. Trainers will work with dogs several hours each day. Upon completion of the program, trainers teach owners with several in-home sessions.

Executive Dog Training

Executive dog training is an excellent choice for owners who have a small handful of behaviors they want to focus on or one specific behavior. Trainers meet with clients’ dogs three days per week. On the third day, trainers meet with owners for a lesson on the training methods. Normally, we recommend three weeks for this program, but it varies from case to case.

Private In-Home Dog Training

If you are struggling with housebreaking or separation anxiety, then our private in-home dog training is a great option. Trainers develop individualized treatment programs for owners to use. Typically, clients will enroll in two or three total sessions. Each session is a week or two apart. During subsequent sessions, the trainer will assess the progress of training and address any questions or concerns.

Maintenance Program

Clients who have already completed one of our other training programs could consider our maintenance program. Maintenance helps reduce the use of rewards or devices, improves off-leash obedience, and allows owners to set their own obedience goals. Trainers generally meet with dogs twice a week, but each program can be catered to an individual’s needs. Sessions may include the owner, but will vary on the trainer’s objective for the week.

Video Chat Dog Training

Finally, video chat dog training is for those who live outside of our three major service areas. Finding effective and professional dog training can be difficult. At Beyond the Dog, we want to help owners looking for ways to treat their dog’s problem behaviors. Clients will generally enroll in two or three sessions. During each session, the trainer will observe the dog, address questions, and provide assistance. Written protocols will also be provided.


Houston Kitten & Cat Training

Cat Training Programs

Beyond the Dog has experience with more than just dogs. Our cat training programs have been established just as long as their dog counterparts. Our belief is that all pets are trainable, and cats are no exception! Owners can feel comfortable knowing each of our cat programs are performed in the comfort of their home.

Our programs conform to the needs of each cat or kitten. Exactly like our dog training programs, our cat programs were designed from the ground up by our Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist. Each following program is available in all of our service areas. You can see additional details below.

Executive Kitten and Cat Training

The executive cat training program is the most intensive program for cats. Executive cat training focuses on aggression, severe problem behaviors, and numerous less severe behaviors. Trainers work with cats two times a week, and on the third day, there is an owner lesson. The length of the executive cat training program varies with each owner.

Private In-Home Cat Training

If your cat displays behaviors like furniture scratching or house soiling, then the private in-home cat training program is the perfect solution. Owners typically sign up for two or three sessions. The sessions are a week or two apart and are an hour in length. The trainer will design the training regime around your specific cat’s behavior.

Video Chat Cat Training

Similar to dog video chat training, cat owners can take advantage of Beyond the Dog’s expertise outside of our three major service areas. The amount of sessions varies on the cat’s behavior. However, the frequency is usually every week or biweekly. Trainers will develop a training procedure for owners to follow and will provide a written form.


Houston Small Pet and Rabbit Training

Other Pet Training

Beyond the Dog has comprehensive knowledge of animal behavior from the extensive education and backgrounds of our trainers. Pets such as rabbits, ferrets, birds, pigs, and beyond are trainable. Each of our trainers has a vast experience with various pets. For this reason, we want to offer clients obedience training for their non-traditional pets.

Non-traditional pet owners can take advantage of three training programs similar to cats. Each of these programs is performed in the comfort of the pet’s home. Similar to cats and dogs, we focus on behaviors such as aggression, fear, house soiling, inappropriate vocalization, and more. You can read about each of the three programs below.

Executive Pet Training

In our executive pet training program, owners can expect a training session three times a week. Two of the three sessions will only involve the pet and the trainer. The third session includes the owner, so they can learn the training techniques. Executive pet training requires the trainer and owner to work as a team, so the pet will develop the desired behavior.

Private In-Home Pet Training

Behaviors such as house soiling, inappropriate chewing, or inappropriate vocalization are covered with private in-home pet training. Clients usually choose two or three sessions, but it varies on the behavior of the pet. Owners can expect each meeting to be weekly or biweekly. The trainer will develop a training schedule for owners to use outside of sessions.

Video Chat Pet Training

Video chat pet training is designed for non-traditional pet owners outside of the Kansas City, Houston, and Austin areas. It is extremely difficult to locate training services for birds, rabbits, ferrets, and beyond. So, Beyond the Dog offers virtually anyone a chance to take advantage of our video chat program. Trainers will provide a training protocol for owners to follow and will assess progress during meetings.


Houston dog training by breed

Dog Training by Breed

Beyond the Dog’s training programs account for the specific breeds, and we do recognize how specific environmental and genetic factors can affect a dog’s learning process. Our training protocols target breed-specific concerns in order to encourage a life-long ambassador for each breed.

The team of trainers at Beyond the Dog trains all dog breeds, but you can see a few popular breeds listed below.

Each of our major locations trains all types of breeds so dog owners can feel reassured. Visit our specific locations’ websites in order to learn more about each.


Houston dog training by breed

Support Animal Training

Support animals are an important aspect of many people’s lives. At Beyond the Dog, we strive to be the most inclusive when it comes to pets. Whether you are looking to adopt, purchase, or already own an animal, Beyond the Dog can assist in teaching the necessary behaviors required for a particular service.