Sammy’s Story: Private Dog Training and Aggression

Sammy was the first inside dog we have ever had after many years of family pets that mainly stayed outside. He started off as my daughter’s dog and as she went off to college he became our “empty nester” companion. Sammy is playful, can do cute tricks and always is excited to see us when we come home. As with most pets, he added to our quality of life.

Sammy had two main issues;
1) He guarded anything in his possession such as bones, food and toys. Sammy growled and/or snapped at anyone who came close to him (even me) when he had possessions close to him.

2) In Sammy’s World I was number one, he was number two and everyone else was below that. When he was in close proximity to me he would assume the guarding position.

For the most part we could deal with Sammy’s behavior and control his environment. But, we like to entertain and have company at our house a lot. When strangers come to the house Sammy would get apprehensive toward them and we would have to put him up in another room. Our biggest concern came when we found out we were going to be grandparents.

My wife heard Sean speak at her Rotary Club about Beyond the Dog. We made contact and Kristyn came out and suggested a series of training sessions. The most effective part of the sessions was that she would teach us how to train Sammy.

Now, our Grandson is 14 months old and sits on Sammy, pulls his tail and Sammy let him do it.

As a result of Kristyn’s efforts Sammy now can be vital part of our family.
–Eddie James