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Introducing Beyond The Dog’s Trainers

The reason Beyond the Dog is so different from other training companies is our talented team of professional pet trainers. Each of our trainers are certified or are seeking certification, have a Bachelor’s degree in an animal-related field, and have years of experience training pets. Of course, credentials are nothing unless they are applied correctly.

Each trainer at Beyond the Dog has been directly trained with our in-house CAAB, CBDC, and mentor trainer. They rely on protocols that are specific to Beyond the Dog and have been developed with over 15 years of experience. Not only do our trainers work with pets several days a week, but they also work with their owners. In doing so, they use the most up-to-date methods to teach both animals and owners.

Beyond the Dog’s team of trainers have individual skills they can bring to the case. This helps form a strong network of trainers that can share their experiences and teach each other. No two cases are the same, and our trainers can’t have seen everything. So, as our trainers share their cases with each other, they learn more.

The philosophy of Beyond the Dog is constant learning. Our trainers will learn from each other and their leaders. Pet owners will also learn a vast ray of knowledge through trainers, which can be used throughout the rest of their lives. This process of learning is what Beyond the Dog is striving to achieve. The more our trainers are able to pass on the better pets, and their owners will be.

If you are interested in the various certifications and credentials of our trainers, then you can see a few below.

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