Otis’s Story: Private Dog Training and Dog Obedience

November 9, 2007

To Whom It May Concern,

I write this letter on behalf of Sean Savage, with whom my husband and I became acquainted approximately one year ago.

We bought a German Shepherd puppy in September of 2006, and we asked our veterinarian, Dr. Jim Sparks, to refer us to whom he felt was the best resource for training our new puppy, Otis. Without hesitation, he recommended Sean’s company, Beyond the Dog, and we immediately contacted him to begin training. Though we had had German Shepherds before, they were never professionally trained. We loved our Shepherds, but there were behavioral issues that occurred, no doubt, because of their lack of training. We wanted no such mistakes with Otis, so we were excited to begin the work with Sean.

It was obvious how knowledgeable Sean was about the breed, behavior and training, and from the beginning, he commanded Otis’s attention, respect and obedience. Otis was a quick study and the results were amazing and surprisingly quick. What was also apparent was that originally, Otis responded to Sean, but not to us-..or at least, not with the same optimum results…. thus OUR training began. He fully instructed us on his knowledge of the breed, how they think and their behavioral tendencies. With Sean’s tutelage, we set goals for desired behaviors and he commenced teaching us exercises and training in which to achieve them. And, if Otis exhibited a problematic behavior, Sean developed a correction and methodology to alter that behavior to our satisfaction.

We are convinced that it is because of Sean’s expertise and knowledge that we have had such results. And, we cannot express how much of a difference it has made in our lives at home and the relationship we have with our dog.


Patrice Jobe