Morgan’s Story: Dog Obedience and Manners

We all know what we’re in for when we get a new puppy; hours and hours of training, which never seems to stick. We play with them, we house train them, and we feel good from all the mini achievements after they come to our homes. Then, our little puppies get bigger, stronger, and quickly train us as their owners! This is the story of a super friendly, super social, super strong and super smart puppy. We are very appreciative of Kristyn and Sean for their training efforts with our 1.5 year old chocolate Labrador, named Morgan.

An adorable puppy and a beautiful Labrador, Morgan came to us at 8-weeks old and learned quickly how to rule the roost. She became famous for her attention-seeking behaviors and routine of “four off the floor” as she either did fly-by jumping at things or jumping directly on people, furniture, etc. Growing quickly to 68+ pounds from the 13 pounds she weighed when bringing her home, controlling Morgan’s energy and social appetite became quite a challenge; whether on the leash, with company, in a park, at a pet store, etc.

Morgan had been through some basic obedience at another company’s group training, but most of her time was spent socializing. Incorporating Morgan into our lives was our goal, which became increasingly difficult to attain on our own. After a walk with Morgan resulted in 2 bulging discs in my back, I knew it was time to seek help…..

In came Beyond the Dog and their 4-week training program.

Combining Morgan’s strength with her high social quotient meant she was a very strong, friendly animal whose LOVE for attention and interaction became too big a challenge for us to manage. The sight of other dogs and other people resulted in a frenzied state of excitement, which only highlighted our inability to control her in public.

During the 4-week program, Kristyn and Sean not only helped instill and enforce all the basic commands of obedience for use inside and outside the home, they also taught Morgan how to recognize both verbal and hand cues, helping her become a better and more responsive dog.

Morgan is an incredibly smart, full of energy, full-fledged puppy and even though she still displays the attention span of a gnat at times, my husband and I are now able to incorporate Morgan into social aspects of our life. With the tools we as owners learned and the skills Morgan learned from Kristyn and Sean, we are able to take Morgan to Starbuck’s for a coffee, go to the pet store without embarrassment, walk casually on the Plaza, and have friends over without fear that Morgan will knock them over the minute they walk through the door.

The 4-week program is the BEST decision we made with our puppy and we’re really glad we found the help of Beyond the Dog.
Katherine and Pierre – Stilwell, KS