Max’s Story: Private Dog Training and Aggression

Max, our Boxer Mix, came to us as a stray at approximately six months of age. Being “empty nesters” he became “our baby” and was quickly spoiled.

He was a very loving and affectionate dog until around 3 years of age. He then started showing signs of aggression and became extremely territorial towards other dogs, and anything that went in front of our house. Weighing 76 pounds he was hard to physically control and was impossible to take for a walk.

Through a magazine ad we found Beyond the Dog. Sean came to our home on a weekly basis and worked with Max as well as the two of us. We learned that Max’s behavior was due to stress and fear. We learned how to be the pack leaders and when our role changed, Max became a much happier dog. As his stress level changed he became more enjoyable and controllable to walk on a daily basis and have around visitors and neighbors.

Sean and Kristyn were nothing but professional, very knowledgeable and compassionate with our situation with Max. Sean worked with us on how to be the pack leaders, basic obedience, how to remedy separation anxiety and how to correct Max, not with pain, but with positive reinforcement and behavior modification. Max has also benefited by becoming more social with other dogs when he has boarded with Beyond the Dog.

It has been so nice when other people have commented on Max’s improved behavior. We now have a much calmer, happier household thanks to Sean and Kristyn’s expertise.

–John and Kathy Painter (Lee’s Summit MO)