Max’s Story: Private Training and Housebreaking

You might think it was good news when your wife calls and says she is bringing home a new little bundle of joy, in our case it was a nightmare. A cute little 2 pound Teacup Yorkie Terrier named Max was our newest family member. He could sit in the palm of my hand and although he was of such slight stature, Max believed was a Great Dane – he felt like he owned the place. Everything in our home had to be tasted (by chewing not licking) and Max thought every room was his personal bathroom and he used them all quite frequently. We tried every method out there on our own including crating him most of the day. Nothing came close to breaking the strong will of this little guy.

We found Beyond the Dog on recommendation of our veterinarian. After discussing our situation with Sean and Kristyn, we chose the Board and Train Program . The day I dropped Max off we had our telephone number blocked for calls so there was no chance they could return him before the three week period.

Much to our surprise, Beyond the Dog and the New Year brought us a completely new dog. Max was house broken. He would respond to commands such as sit, stay, place, and lay down. He was responding both verbally and even with sign language. The results were so dramatic; I swear I thought they used a body double. He would highly recommend Sean, Kristyn and Beyond the Dog to any and everyone!
–Mike, Susan, Rachel and Sarah Carney