Lacy and Chaos’s Story: Private Dog Training and Aggression

Private training for food aggression in Kansas City.


There are definitely not enough words to describe how great our experience with Beyond the Dog was in getting our two dogs under control.  Lacey, our lab and Chaos, our Jack Russell (appropriately named by the way) had several incidents of fighting due to Lacey’s guarding issues.  We had to make several trips to the vet to get Chaos stitches, etc..  When I called Beyond the Dog our family was at its wits end with them, and we were convinced that we were going to have to find Lacey another home.  We decided that before we gave up a member of our family, we would give training a try.  I spoke with Kristyn who immediately put me at ease, and was so thorough with me on the phone that I finally saw some hope for my two monsters.  We had several visits with Sean, who is incredibly knowledgeable and very good at his craft.  We saw marked improvement within a week, and after a couple of months working with Sean every two weeks or so, we are the proud owners of better behaved dogs!  Chaos and Lacey are now able to eat next to each other without fighting, growling, biting, etc., which is a day that I thought I would never see.   They are more obedient and definitely more fun!  The only recommendation that I can think of for people who are interested in Beyond the Dog is that they need to make a commitment to  put in the work and practice required and suggested by the trainers.  If you are unable to commit to working with your dogs diligently this program probably isn’t for you.  But we can tell you that it is certainly worth the time, effort and money!  Thank you Sean and Kristyn for all that you did for us!

Laura, Brandon, Andrea, Lacey and Chaos 🙂