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Kansas City Dog Training Programs

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Kansas City Puppy and Dog Training

Kansas City Dog Training

Beyond the Dog has nearly 20 years of experience training dogs in Kansas City. During that time, we have dedicated ourselves to continually improving upon the training programs we offer. We strive to create programs that are efficient and effective, as well as both human and animal-centered. Each of our various programs is designed to target and treat specific behaviors and have been shown to be highly effective in doing so.

Our team at Beyond the Dog has become experts in the field. With locations in Kansas City, Olathe, and Overland Park, our team of trainers service the entire Kansas City area. We travel to your home to train your dog where they live and where problem behaviors occur. Each program has been carefully designed by our Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist.

Each one of our programs varies in price, intensity, and length. Contact us, and we’ll help you find which program best fits your needs. We match the needs of our clients, including their training goals and any problem behaviors they are experiencing with their pet, with a training program.

All-Inclusive Dog Training

The All-Inclusive Training Program is one of the more intensive and popular training programs we offer! The All-Inclusive Training Program is an excellent choice for owners looking to achieve high-level obedience and manners in their puppy or dog. The program is also recommended for dogs that engage in more severe problem behaviors like reactivity, aggression, and separation anxiety. The program consists of hour-long training sessions, 5 days per week for 4 weeks. Your trainer works with your dog 1:1 for four of the five days each week. On the fifth day, we teach you! This ensures you both learn the skills necessary for long-term behavior change!

Board and Train

Our Board and Train Program is an equally intense training program with your dog or puppy living in the home of a trainer. Your trainer focuses on any problem behaviors including but not limited to, reactivity, potty training, chewing, or jumping. We are teach your pup high level obedience in very distracting environments including local dog-friendly stores or coffee shops. In addition to scheduled training sessions, your dog or puppy becomes part of your trainer’s family and are incorporated into their daily life. The program runs for a minimum of 3 weeks.  Upon completion of the program, your trainer teaches you what your dog has learned and how to incorporate our training procedures.

Executive Dog Training

Our Executive Training Program is a less intense version of our training programs, without sacrificing quality or the luxury of our in-home training. The Executive Training Program is excellent choice for clients interested in addressing 3-4 obedience behaviors or manners. It is also an effective choice for dogs with whom engage in mild reactivity. Training consists of 3 days per week for a minimum of 3 weeks. Your trainer works directly with your dog 2 of the 3 days, teaching you on the third day each week. Not unlike our other programs, you are taught how to implement the training procedures with your dog!

Private In-Home Dog Training

Private In-Home Dog Training is a great option for those who have one or two manners in their pup they wish to address. Behaviors might include topics like potty training, severe house soiling, chewing, or even mild separation anxiety. Clients usually enroll in two or three sessions. Much of the training session is a discussion with you and your trainer, setting up an appropriate training plan. The sessions are generally one to two weeks apart. During the sessions, trainers are available to answer any questions or concerns.

Maintenance Program

If you are a current client who has already completed or is completing one of our more intense training programs, you may want to consider our Maintenance Program. This program is ideal for those who want to maintain or continue to improve their dog’s behavior, but is too busy to maintain training. We can continue to do the work for you! Alternatively, the program is recommended for severe problem behavior such that your trainer can monitor subtle changes in your dog over the course of a few months. Every case is different, but sessions are normally scheduled twice per week and owners are normally involved during a session every other week.

Video Chat Dog Training

If you live outside of the Kansas City area or are concerned about having a trainer enter your home for health reasons, we offer video chat sessions. These sessions cover topics very similar to our Private In-Home Sessions and are generally most effective when teaching basic manners.  During these sessions, your trainer will listen to your concerns, ask relevant questions, and design a training protocol for you to follow with your pet. Sessions are normally scheduled once per week or biweekly.

Kansas City Kitten and Cat Training

Kansas City Cat Training

Since 2005, Beyond the Dog has not only been training dogs, but also training cats! Our training methods and the science of animal training isn’t simply applicable to dogs. Cats have the ability and love learning, just like dogs. What’s more, helping owners experience their cat’s potential and live in a harmonious home is a passion of ours!

All of our cat training programs are conducted in the comfort and privacy of your home, minimizing any stress your cat might otherwise face with training. Our cat trainers establish a bond with even the most shy or distressed cats. The kitten training programs we offer are designed to help establish good socialization (including veterinary visits!), appropriate elimination (aka litter box training!) and scratching, or any other goals you might face. Many of our clients are attempting to integrate a multi-cat household or introduce a new dog into the home.

Executive Kitten and Cat Training

Our Executive Training Program is a more intense training program for cats. Behaviors addressed include cat aggression, integrating other pets, and other more severe problem behaviors. For kittens, we address early socialization as well as teach appropriate manners and useful obedience behaviors. During this 3-day-per-week program, your trainer works directly with your cat 2 days per week and with you on the third day. This ensures you know exactly how to respond to your cat’s behavior and can continue to see progress even after training.

Private In-Home Cat Training

Private In-Home Cat Training is a great choice for cats who engage in one or two problem behaviors including, but not limited to litter box training or furniture scratching. During the sessions, trainers listen to your concerns, observe the behavior or the area where the behavior occurs, and design a training protocol to help you meet your goals. Clients typically sign up for 2-3 sessions. These sessions are typically a week or two apart and last an hour in length.

Video Chat Cat Training

Beyond the Dog conducts video chat sessions for cat training for those clients that prefer to not have direct, in-person contact with a trainer or for those that live outside of our coverage area. The sessions target the same behaviors as our Private In-Home Training program and are conducted in generally the same manner.


Kansas City Small Pet Training - Ferrets, Rabbits, Bunnies, Birds

Kansas City Other Pet Training

Beyond the Dog doesn’t only help our clients with their dog and cat training needs, we also offer services for nearly any companion animal. Our comprehensive understanding of animal behavior as well as how the environment influences behavior helps us extend our services to other pets. Beyond the Dog offers training programs for parrots, pot-bellied pigs, rabbits, ferrets, and beyond!

Since Beyond the Dog has extensive knowledge and experience of animal behavior, they are great with various types of animals. Other pets such as ferrets, birds, pigs, rabbits, and more are equally as trainable. Every trainer at Beyond the Dog has a vast experience with various animals. Because of this, we want to offer clients obedience training for their pets.

For non-traditional pet owners, we have three program options. Each program is brought to your home, where we focus on behaviors such as fear, aggression, house soiling, vocalization, and more. Continue reading for more information below.

Executive Pet Training

During this program, owners can expect training sessions to be three times a week. Two of the sessions will be the pet with the trainer only. The third session of the week will include the owner so they can learn the training methods. This training program requires a team effort from the trainer and the owner so the pet will learn the desired behavior.

Private In-Home Pet Training

Private in-home pet training is here to help with inappropriate chewing, vocalization, and house soiling. Owners will typically have two or three sessions. However, it will depend on the behavior. These meetings will be weekly or bi-weekly, and the trainer will create a training schedule for the owners to use outside of sessions.

Video Chat Pet Training

Video chat pet training is for owners who are outside of the Kansas City Area. Finding quality training for birds, rabbits, ferrets, and other animal friends can be a challenge. Anyone can take advantage of Beyond the Dog’s video chat program. Our trainers will give you a training protocol to follow and will assess progress during sessions.


Pit Bull Training - Houston, TX Dog Trainers

Kansas City Dog Training by Breed

While Beyond the Dog’s training programs don’t account for specific breeds, we do recognize how genetic and environmental factors affect a dog’s learning process. Since each case is different, our trainers will use different methods for multiple breeds. Typically, breeds like Pit Bulls and Corgis require the same type of training program. However, if the dog’s breed affects how it receives the training program, then the trainer will adjust their techniques.

Beyond the Dog trains all breeds but here are a few of the popular breeds we train:

    • Rottweiler
    • Boxer and Doberman
    • Australian Shephard
    • German Shepherd
    • Pit Bull
    • Labrador and Golden Retrievers
    • Yorkie, Chihuahua, and Toy Poodle
    • French and English Bulldogs

Using our 15 years of experience, Beyond the Dog offers training that is adjusted for the breed. Each program caters to preventing breed-specific problem behavior while highlighting the strengths of each breed!

Each of our service areas works with all types of dog breeds. Check out our training programs and contact us to learn more about how they can help your specific dog’s breed.

Support Animal Training - Houston, TX Dog Trainers

Kansas City Support Animal Training

Support animals are an important part of people’s lives. Here at Beyond the Dog, we train both service dogs and emotional support animals. As a team, we strive to be inclusive when it comes to pets, which is why we offer both. Often these roles are used interchangeably. However, there is a difference. Beyond the Dog seeks to educate clients about the varying differences of these roles.

Service dogs are formally trained. However, they can have more training and become more efficient. With additional training, your dog can complete the AKC Canine Good Citizen evaluation. This certification is the first step to even higher certifications.

Emotional support animals don’t require any formal training. While these animals are usually dogs or cats, a support animal can be any type of animal. Beyond the Dog can offer formal training to any animal, so they are more obedient and able to fulfill their role to the fullest. Learn more about the difference between emotional support animals and service dogs by visiting our support animal training page.