Other Pet Training

Other Pet Training

Animal Behaviorist and Professional Trainers For Rabbits, Pigs, Ferrets, and More

While cats and dogs are two of the most popular pets in the United States, that doesn’t mean that there are only two types of pets out there. In addition, Beyond the Dog doesn’t just train cats and dogs, we train nearly every pet imaginable. Everything from parrots, finches, rabbits, and even potbellied pigs are trainable. Just like cats and dogs, they too can show behaviors such as aggression, house soiling, inappropriate vocalization, and more.

For these reasons, Beyond the Dog has extended these training services to non-traditional pets as well. We know that these animals are capable of learning obedience commands. In fact, many of these animals are even more intelligent than your regular cat or dog. For example, parrots and pigs are well-known for their intelligence, which means they can learn commands. Regardless of how smart certain animals may be, Beyond the Dog is full of pet lovers and loves all pets equally.

Non-traditional pets have three programs available to them, which are all held in the comfort of the owner’s home. Having these training sessions in the owner’s home helps the pet feel more comfortable. It also allows the trainer to find what could be causing the behavioral problems. The three programs available for pets are the executive pet training, private in-home pet training, and video chat pet training.

Every Pet is Unique

Not only do non-traditional pets vary in species, but they also vary in environments, personalities, and much more. These animals require their own individual plan that caters to their needs. Our trainers understand this and can teach you techniques that will help you to know how to train your pet after the program is over.

Each trainer at Beyond the Dog is highly trained in animal behavior. Our team is also lead by our Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist. Beyond the Dog’s trainer’s understanding of animal behavior is phenomenal. This is why they are fantastic at what they do and are able to give wonderful tips and tricks for your animal.

If you aren’t sure which program would best fit you and your animal, then give us a call. We can discuss with you your situation and give you feedback on which program would work best for that animal and their behaviors.

For pets other than cats and dogs we offer both our Private In-Home training lessons and our Executive Training Program. All completed in the privacy of your home or in the location that the problem behavior is being experienced.

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