Drew Coyle, B.S.

Drew Coyle, professional dog trainer - Beyond the Dog

Drew Coyle, B.S.

Drew has a Bachelor’s Degree in biology with a focus on animal behavior. He also has years of hands-on experience with dogs and a variety of wildlife. His experience comes from his time in college and volunteer work at a wildlife rehabilitation center. Due to his lifelong passion for animals, he pursued undergraduate research on wolves. He was interested in understanding the way the ancestor of the dog interacts and communicates with one another and why. These experiences, along with working along with trainers at various dog training facilities in the Denver area, have provided him with the tools and knowledge he needs to be a successful dog trainer.

Drew’s previous jobs as a dog trainer at two different board and train facilities have helped him develop the skills to observe and understand a dog’s body language in order to provide proper treatment. His experiences have taught him how to interact with animals in a way that is not only safe but very effective for the dog to learn and feel comfortable. He is also excellent at teaching the human students as well!

Drew currently shares his home with his wife, McKena, as well as their rescued German Shepherd, Samantha. They feel very lucky to have found such a sweet, intelligent companion to share their lives with and enjoy finding time to take her on adventures and open her up to a variety of different experiences.

In his free time, Drew enjoys staying as active as possible. He enjoys hiking and interacting in nature with his dog. Drew has a deep admiration for the environment and all the health benefits that come from being surrounded by nature and keeping an active lifestyle. Drew also enjoys trail running with Samantha, weight lifting, and playing soccer with his friends.