Allyson Salzer - Beyond the Dog Training - Kansas City Dog Trainer

Allyson Salzer, MA, BCBA, CPDT-KA, CBCC-KA

Trainer Mentor

Ally joins Beyond the Dog with a master’s degree in Applied Behavioral Science from the University of Kansas. She is currently a doctoral student at the University of Kansas, working toward her Ph.D. in Behavioral Psychology. Her thesis entitled, Ideal Free Distribution in Canines: Free-Operant Evaluation of Group Foraging, assessed group foraging paradigms in the domesticated dog in daycare settings. Her current research interests involve the assessment and treatment of problem behavior as well as skill acquisition in dogs. Other areas of expertise include studying the adoptability of dogs at animal shelters and increasing enrichment at those locations. Additionally, Ally is involved in conducting research related to basic behavioral processes with dogs. She has presented findings at national conferences throughout the United States and is actively publishing in scientific journals.

Teaching, in addition to research, is Ally’s passion. She has developed an animal behavior practicum at the University of Kansas and is working to disseminate animal training from a behavioral perspective to a wider audience. This passion for teaching extends to working directly with clients as well as providing mentorship for the staff at Beyond the Dog. Clients find her knowledgable demeanor and willingness to break down complex concepts engaging and useful. Her research interests intersect naturally with teaching and Ally routinely works with clients on intensive programs.

As a graduate student, Ally spends her downtime exploring new research ideas and finding ways to get the most out of her graduate school experience. Ally and her fiancé, Brian, welcomed a furry new addition at the end of 2020 – Astra the Sheepadoodle – and much of her free time involves exploring Lawrence and the Kansas City area with her puppy.