How to Prepare your Dog for the 4th of July

The 4th of July may look a little different this year, but unfortunately for most pets, fireworks are still expected! To help keep your dog safe and comfortable, follow these easy steps!

1. Identify your Dog

Ensure your dog has a properly fitting collar with identification tags attached. If you have moved recently or changed phone numbers, update your pet’s microchip as well.

2. Exercise your Dog

During the day, exercise your dog as much as they can tolerate. It is important your dog is tired and ready to rest prior to any festivities starting.

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Praise your dog with high-value treats when the fireworks begin.

3. Keep your Dog Hungry

Withhold your dog’s breakfast, this will help encourage your dog to take treats later on in the day.

4. Contain your Dog

Make sure your dog is in a safe spot so that they can not hurt themselves or escape. Do not keep your dog in a backyard or on a tie-out. If your dog is prone to bolting or running away, we recommend keeping two doors between your dog and the outside.

5. Treat your Dog

During fireworks, keep offering your dog high-value treats such as chicken, peanut butter, or cheese. Remember, fireworks can happen at any time so have these treats nearby at all times You may consider putting your dog on a leash to keep them near you.

If your dog has a severe reaction to fireworks or other loud noises, please contact our office to discuss additional options for you and your dog.