Becoming a Beyond the Dog Trainer – Ashley’s Story

Ashley Nordike

While advancing through college, I realized there is not a lot of information about animal-related professions outside of becoming a veterinarian. I took classes, shadowed as a veterinary technician, and eventually worked under a veterinarian but was never passionate about my clients or the work. I felt similarly after accepting a position at a swine breeding facility after earning my animal science degree. Finally, I transitioned to working as a dog trainer and immediately fell in love with my clients and my responsibilities. I get to use my degree every day and extend what I have learned to new and exciting applications!

My Time at Beyond the Dog

The company pays for performance and being someone who always puts 110% into everything I do, it’s so refreshing and novel to find one that rewards you for all your hard work. I grew up always having a dog and being able to spend my career working with dogs on a daily basis is a better career option than I ever could have imagined. Moreover, it’s also rewarding being able to teach dogs obedience and witness the owners’ awe at their dogs. It’s especially rewarding when a teary-eyed client thanks you or when a dog’s improved manners mean they don’t have to be rehomed. It’s great to transfer the skills I’ve taught the dog to the owners so everyone can have a happy, more comfortable life.

On top of this, after spending time with the company, I have been given opportunities to advance and expand my knowledge to be able to teach other individuals how to train dogs. Training new trainers is half the fun! I love watching my fellow dog trainers build their self-confidence and skills. Because of the room for growth at Beyond the Dog, there are plenty of opportunities to make dog training a career rather than just a part-time position. I have been able to continue my education, earn certificates and even have the potential to open my own office – if that isn’t room for growth in a company, I’m really not sure what is.

Aside from the particulars of the job, I am not forced to adjust the means of my living or lifestyle. I’m paid generously for my work and am able to live a life and future I used to dream about and sometimes even more than I ever imagined! I have a career I love, a company that is truly a family, and I get to work with other passionate people.  As long as you are passionate, driven, and hard-working, what you put in is what you get out.