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Golden Retriever Training: Sunshine’s Dog Obedience

What we were looking for was a home away from home where our dog could learn without losing her personality–what we found in Beyond the Dog was a positive and caring 4-week program designed by Kristyn and Sean–two people who really know dogs–now Sunshine follows directions, is more fun to be with, and hasn’t lost one ounce of her playful spirit.

Sean and Christina Hogan
Yorkie Training: Max’s Puppy Housebreaking and Board and Train Story

You might think it was good news when your wife calls and says she is bringing home a new little bundle of joy, in our case it was a nightmare. A cute little 2 pound Teacup Yorkie Terrier named Max was our newest family member. He could sit in the palm of my hand and although he was of such slight stature, Max believed was a Great Dane – he felt like he owned the place. Everything in our home had to be tasted (by chewing not licking) and Max thought every room was his personal bathroom...

–Mike, Susan, Rachel and Sarah Carney
Boxer Training: Aggressive Dog Training

Max, our Boxer Mix, came to us as a stray at approximately six months of age. Being “empty nesters” he became “our baby” and was quickly spoiled.

He was a very loving and affectionate dog until around 3 years of age. He then started showing signs of aggression and became extremely territorial towards other dogs, and anything that went in front of our house. Weighing 76 pounds he was hard to physically control and was impossible to take for a walk.

Through a magazine ad we found Beyond the Dog. Sean came to our home...

–John and Kathy Painter


“That’s good business”

Michelle was great and understood my concern with paying upfront for a service with only 5 reviews in Houston - top that off with a bad kitchen remodeling experience -- Beyond the Dog made arrangements for me to pay for the services in a manner in which we were comfortable. That's good business.

“Responses Were so Prompt”
Colette with Beyond the Dog got back to me VERY quickly, and I had information and a proposed schedule much quicker than expected. We were having such a difficult time with our dog, and it gave hope immediately that the responses were so prompt.
Pit-Bull Training Brunos Dog Obedience Training
Bruno and I (his owner) are very thankful to have found Kristyn and Sean. Bruno is a very successful graduate of their “Board & Train” program and he also stays with them when I’m out of town. I rescued Bruno almost two years ago. He’s a mixed Bully breed and he has all of the “Bully” characteristics; happy, confident, care-free, cuddly, gentle with children, silly, playful, mildly dog aggressive and he has a huge prey dive. Sean affectionately calls Bruno a “Knucklehead” and this term of endearment is a very accurate depiction of his personality. After Bruno completed the program and after I learned how to work with Bruno we were able to do all of the basic commands and a whole lot more. For example, we learned sit, down, stay, wait, come, loose leash walking, leave it, and place. Bruno also completely stopped jumping up on everyone and everything, but by far the best reward was Bruno’s new ability to play well with other dogs at off leash dog parks. After working with Kristyn and Sean we now have an excellent quality of life together and we are both very thankful for our relationship. –Charlie Becker
Charlie Becker
Pit bull puppy training: Chopper and Buzz’s Housebreaking and Fearful Behavior

I just wanted to say thank-you for all the amazing work you both have done with Chopper and Buzz. We used your month long program for both of our boys and they are truly “changed men”! Chopper went from marking all over the house to now waiting by the door to be let out and Buzz went from a stray, aggressive, dog we rescued to a beloved family member. Thank you!

Sheltie Training: Emmie’s Basic Dog Obedience Training Story

Emmie is a nine month old Shetland sheepdog. She was just seven weeks when we brought her home. Although she is very loveable, we had trouble understanding each other at first. Having little experience with training dogs we were grateful to find Beyond the Dog. At first Emmie was very shy when attending Puppy Kindergarten and playtime was definitely not her favorite. With Sean and Kristyn’s excellent guidance we were able to successfully socialize her and work on good behaviors. She now loves to play with other dogs.

Recently, we were very proud to see her graduate from Beyond the Dog’s Basic Obedience class in which she has learned multiple commands. The experiences have been great for us and we now feel more confident in our dog handling skills as well as being able to speak the same language.

Sean and Kristyn made training so fun, that Emmie loved going to classes each week. We greatly appreciated how knowledgeable they are on all dog behaviors and coaching us as we learned to train Emmie. We highly recommend these classes to all dog owners.

Golden Retriever Training: Sunshine’s Dog Obedience

What we were looking for was a home away from home where our dog could learn without losing her personality–what we found in Beyond the Dog was a positive and caring 4-week program designed by Kristyn and Sean–two people who really know dogs–now Sunshine follows directions, is more fun to be with, and hasn’t lost one ounce of her playful spirit.

Sean and Christina Hogan
Labrador Training: Ashley’s Dog Obedience Story
We met Sean and Kristyn at the beginning of 2006 when Ashley, our labrador retriever, was about six months old. We heard about Beyond the Dog from a relative and were very anxious to get started. Sean came to our home and trained Ashley and the rest of the family. This was no easy chore considering that our three year old had her own ideas on how to train the puppy. Ashley adored Sean from day one and the rest of us truly enjoyed our private lessons with him. The commands that we all learned from Sean (down, wait, uh oh, leave it) are still used by us daily. We joked with Sean that all we needed were four Sean masks and we’d have the perfect dog. You could see how eager she was to please him. We didn’t get the masks, but with our own work and training, we learned how to get the behaviors that we desired from Ashley. We have recommended Beyond the Dog to our friends and will continue to recommend them to anyone who has a dog. They’re great! –The Dunn Family
–The Dunn Family
Labrador Training: Cooper’s Dog Manners Around Cats Story
We called Beyond the Dog after we adopted Cooper, a 1-year-old black lab. The private lessons in our home were great–convenient, and best of all, in Cooper’s own territory (where he would get into all kinds of trouble!) Cooper had never been around cats and would chase our sweet cat Pirate so often that Pirate never came up from the basement for nearly 4 months. With the trainer’s help, we taught Cooper to leave the cat alone–not an easy feat for a 90 lb. curious lab. With time, the cat learned to trust Cooper and now they are good buddies. –Kelly & Tom Dreyer
–Kelly & Tom Dreyer
Labrador Training: Morgan’s Dog Obedience and Manners Story
We all know what we’re in for when we get a new puppy; hours and hours of training, which never seems to stick. We play with them, we house train them, and we feel good from all the mini achievements after they come to our homes. Then, our little puppies get bigger, stronger, and quickly train us as their owners! This is the story of a super friendly, super social, super strong and super smart puppy. We are very appreciative of Kristyn and Sean for their training efforts with our 1.5 year old chocolate Labrador, named Morgan. An adorable puppy and a beautiful Labrador, Morgan came to us at 8-weeks old and learned quickly how to rule the roost. She became famous for her attention-seeking behaviors and routine of “four off the floor” as she either did fly-by jumping at things or jumping directly on people, furniture, etc. Growing quickly to 68+ pounds from the 13 pounds she weighed when bringing her home, controlling Morgan’s energy and social appetite became quite a challenge; whether on the leash, with company, in a park, at a pet store, etc. Morgan had been through some basic obedience at another company’s group training, but most of her time was spent socializing. Incorporating Morgan into our lives was our goal, which became increasingly difficult to attain on our own. After a walk with Morgan resulted in 2 bulging discs in my back, I knew it was time to seek help….. In came Beyond the Dog and their 4-week training program. Combining Morgan’s strength with her high social quotient meant she was a very strong, friendly animal whose LOVE for attention and interaction became too big a challenge for us to manage. The sight of other dogs and other people resulted in a frenzied state of excitement, which only highlighted our inability to control her in public. During the 4-week program, Kristyn and Sean not only helped instill and enforce all the basic commands of obedience for use inside and outside the home, they also taught Morgan how to recognize both verbal and hand cues, helping her become a better and more responsive dog. Morgan is an incredibly smart, full of energy, full-fledged puppy and even though she still displays the attention span of a gnat at times, my husband and I are now able to incorporate Morgan into social aspects of our life. With the tools we as owners learned and the skills Morgan learned from Kristyn and Sean, we are able to take Morgan to Starbuck’s for a coffee, go to the pet store without embarrassment, walk casually on the Plaza, and have friends over without fear that Morgan will knock them over the minute they walk through the door. The 4-week program is the BEST decision we made with our puppy and we’re really glad we found the help of Beyond the Dog. -Katherine and Pierre
-Katherine and Pierre
Labrador and Jack Russell Training: Lacy and Chaos’s Aggressive Dog Training Story

There are definitely not enough words to describe how great our experience with Beyond the Dog was in getting our two dogs under control. Lacey, our lab and Chaos, our Jack Russell (appropriately named by the way) had several incidents of fighting due to Lacey’s guarding issues. We had to make several trips to the vet to get Chaos stitches, etc.. When I called Beyond the Dog our family was at its wits end with them, and we were convinced that we were going to have to find Lacey another home. We decided that before we gave up a member of our family, we would give training a try. I spoke with Kristyn who immediately put me at ease, and was so thorough with me on the phone that I finally saw some hope for my two monsters. We had several visits with Sean, who is incredibly knowledgeable and very good at his craft. We saw marked improvement within a week, and after a couple of months working with Sean every two weeks or so, we are the proud owners of better behaved dogs! Chaos and Lacey are now able to eat next to each other without fighting, growling, biting, etc., which is a day that I thought I would never see. They are more obedient and definitely more fun! The only recommendation that I can think of for people who are interested in Beyond the Dog is that they need to make a commitment to put in the work and practice required and suggested by the trainers. If you are unable to commit to working with your dogs diligently this program probably isn’t for you. But we can tell you that it is certainly worth the time, effort and money! Thank you Sean and Kristyn for all that you did for us! Laura, Brandon, Andrea, Lacey and Chaos

Laura, Brandon, Andrea, Lacey and Chaos
Great Plains SPCA
When deciding on a trainer for your pet, there are many options from which to choose. However, if you are looking for positive results, innovative practices and unmatched professional and educational expertise, Beyond The Dog is the only answer. Sean and Kristyn Savage have successfully managed the most challenging behavioral cases for our shelter pets, and have provided effective and positive training guidance to our adopters, which has resulted in keeping the bond between pets and their owners strong… as well as keeping them together. Their positive, humane and compassionate approach to dealing with general obedience up to complicated aggression cases is second to none. We are proud to refer our adopters to Beyond The Dog and are incredibly grateful for the many shelter pets they have helped overcome challenges and become beloved family members.
-Courtney Thomas, CAWA | President & CEO
Taysia Blue Siberian Husky and Alaskan Malamute Rescue
If you need a trainer for your pet Beyond the Dog is an excellent choice. They have helped my family pets and many of our rescue huskies that needed some guidance. I highly recommend them! -Tammi Neumer, Foster Parent for Taysia Blue Siberian Husky and Alaskan Malamute Rescue
Bull Terrier Training