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Beyond the Dog has multiple pet training Houston services that are tailored to your pet. View our list of pet training programs and services below!

Houston Puppy and Dog Training

Houston Dog Training

Beyond the Dog’s founders not only have some of the top credentials in the country, but they also have nearly 15 years of experience designing and perfecting our science-backed Houston dog training programs. Our methods are effective, efficient, and ethical, which benefits each of our clients and their dogs.

We offer a variety of programs, each designed to target specific behaviors and each client’s dog training goals. Each program varies in price, intensity, focus, and frequency. Except for our Board and Train program, all training sessions are conducted in the comfort of your own home. This helps your dog feel comfortable and provides the convenience you need.

If your dog displays problem behaviors outside of the home, your trainer will work with you to find the best location and way to train your pup. If you have any questions, give us a ring! Our staff members are more than happy to answer your questions.

All-Inclusive Dog Training

Our All-Inclusive Dog Training Program is the most intensive option at Beyond the Dog. Your trainer will work with your pup five days a week for about four weeks. Each session lasts an hour. During the first four days, your pup will learn lessons only with the trainer. On the fifth day, our trainer will show you your dog’s progress and teach you the training techniques that were covered that week.

Board and Train

Beyond the Dog provides a Board and Train program, which is very similar to the All-Inclusive Program. However, as the name suggests, your furry friend will be away from your house–in the home of one of our trainers. The program lasts at least three weeks. During this time, the trainer will spend multiple hours working with your pup. Once your dog completes the program, the trainer will meet with you two or three times to teach you the new commands and our training methods.

Executive Dog Training

Intended for dogs who need help in one or two areas, like chewing, play biting, housebreaking, aggression, or anxiety, our Executive Dog Training program features three hour-long sessions a week and lasts three weeks. For the first two sessions of each week, our trainer works one-on-one with your dog. During the final session of each week, we’ll give you an update on your pup’s progress and teach you the training protocol.

Private In-Home Dog Training

Our Private In-Home Dog Training is a great way to get training off on the right foot. Generally, clients who sign up for this program would like help training a new puppy or with correcting some minor behaviors. For this program, our trainer shows the client the training protocol, and the client trains their dog using our methodology. After the initial session, our team will check in with you and schedule additional follow-up sessions as needed. Most clients need two or three sessions.

Maintenance Program

If you’ve already completed one of our other training programs but would like to keep your pup on the right track, consider our Maintenance Program. Your trainer will meet with your dog twice a week to reach your goals. We can help you fade rewards, improve off-leash obedience, and more.

Video Chat Dog Training

Those outside our service areas can still receive Beyond the Dog’s service via our Video Chat Dog Training. Like our Private In-Home Dog Training, the Video Chat Dog Training program is designed to help address minor behavior concerns, as well as basic obedience skills. In fact, most clients only need two or three sessions. Our team begins the process with an interview, where we’ll go over your dog’s current and past behaviors, observe your pup, and address any concerns you may have.

Houston Kitten & Cat Training

Houston Cat Training

Beyond the Dog has spent nearly 15 years perfecting our Houston cat training programs. Along with our credentials and education, we have years of hands-on experience. We offer a variety of programs to help out your feline friend. Further, we continuously evaluate and modify our programs to make sure we’re using only the latest and most effective methods.

Most cat owners have a common complaint: their cat scratches furniture, carpets, or other beloved items. However, some owners struggle with more difficult challenges, like cat aggression or anxiety. These behaviors are stressful for both a cat and their owner.

Thankfully, the experts at Beyond the Dog can help. We help cats overcome multiple roadblocks. From soiling outside the litterbox to aggression, anxiety to scratching furniture, and everything in between, we have you covered.

Executive Cat Training

If your kitty is struggling with aggression or anxiety, our Executive Cat Training can help. One of our trainers will work with your feline friend one-on-one twice a week. During the second session of each week, the trainer will help you learn our training methods and give you an update. Each training session is an hour long.

Private In-Home Cat Training

Private In-Home Cat Training is perfect for kitty parents who want to stop their cat from scratching furniture, going outside the litterbox, or other minor behavioral concerns. Our trainers usually meet clients for two or three sessions, though the duration depends on your cat’s needs and progress.

Video Chat Cat Training

It can be hard to find someone who can help train a cat, especially in a rural or smaller metro area. That’s why Beyond the Dog offers Video Chat Cat Training. One of our trainers will meet with you over a video chat and set up a tailored training protocol.  Each training session lasts an hour.

Houston Small Pet and Rabbit Training

Houston Other Pet Training

Beyond the Dog can train more that cats and dogs with our Houston Other Pet Training programs. We can help address behavioral concerns for any furry or feathered family member. In fact, each of our trainers has worked with a variety of species, so our team has the experience to back our know-how. If you need help training your pot-bellied pig, bird, rabbit, ferret, or other pet, give us a call!

We offer three training programs for pets other than cats and dogs. Each ranges in intensity, but all are built from scratch.

Executive Pet Training

All animals are capable of displaying similar behaviors, such as aggression. An aggressive pet means stress for the whole family–including your pet! Thankfully, our Executive Pet Training can help. Our team member will work with your pet three days a week for three weeks. Each session is an hour. On the last day of each week, we’ll show you your pet’s progress and teach you our training methods for the week.

Private In-Home Pet Training

If your pet is displaying problem behaviors such as vocalizing too much, chewing, play biting, or clawing, our Private In-Home Pet Training is right for you. We’ll develop and go over a custom training protocol for your pet. Usually, clients need about three sessions to achieve their pet’s goals.

Video Chat Pet Training

Our out-of-town clients can still benefit from our services with our Video Chat Pet training. Our trainers will give you the tools you need to address any problematic behavior. This program typically only features 2 or 3 sessions that are an hour each. If you have questions or concerns about the training, our trainer will reach out to you via phone or email at no additional cost.

Houston dog training by breed

Houston Dog Training by Breed

Beyond the Dog relies heavily on our understanding of the relationship between the environment and behavior. However, we also recognize and understand the biological and genetic differences across breeds of dogs, and that’s why we provide Houston dog training by breed. This knowledge and our experience allows us to use one of our dog training programs in a way to maximize the benefit for various breeds. We target behaviors that are most important for each breed and minimize the risk for potential problem behaviors from arising. We can further adjust the program to fit not only the needs of each breed but also the needs of each individual dog.

We Train All Dog Breeds

Beyond the Dog can train any breed of dog. Our trainers focus on each individual dog’s needs, and we adjust our techniques and methods as necessary. Some popular breeds that are more prone to displaying certain behavioral issues include:


Training Support Animals Houston

Support animals play a vital role in the life of their owner. However, before a Houston support animal can help out their human companion, the support animal must first go through a Houston training support animals program. Service Dogs in particular require extensive and intensive training.

While Beyond the Dog does not provide certification for service dogs or train dogs to perform advanced health alerts like drops in glucose or upcoming seizures, we can help train dogs to do specific service tasks. Support animals go through far less intensive training compared to a service dog. However, a support dog must by nature be well trained. To see how Beyond the Dog can help, give us a call or check out our Support Animal Training page.