Kristyn Echterling Savage, PH.D., CAAB, BCBA-D

Kristyn Echterling Savage, Ph.D., CAAB, BCBA-D

Meet Dr. Kristyn Echterling-Savage! She is the CEO and a co-founder of Beyond the Dog, LLC. Her journey toward her certification began at the University of Kansas, where she earned her Master’s degree in Behavior Analysis. Once she finished her Master’s, she pursued and was awarded a Ph.D. in Behavior Analysis. Soon after, she received the title of Board-Certified Behavior Analyst.

With all her experience and wealth of knowledge, Dr. Echterling-Savage applied and was awarded the Animal Behaviorist Society’s prestigious title of Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist. Only about 50 individuals in the United States hold this certificate.

Today, Dr. Echterling-Savage plays a primary role in training Beyond the Dog’s new team members. Together with Sean, she has developed all of our training programs. Dr. Echterling-Savage truly enjoys sharing her knowledge with the Beyond the Dog team.  In fact, she continually passes on her experience and knowledge to Beyond the Dog’s trainers, helping them establish and apply the most effective behavior solutions.

In addition to helping out the Beyond the Dog team, Dr. Echterling-Savage is actively involved in research. She focuses on how to improve the techniques our trainers use to help our furry four-legged friends. Further, Dr. Echterling-Savage works with our clients to teach them Beyond the Dog’s training techniques. That way, owners can continue training their pets long after our program has ended.

Dr. Echterling-Savage believes in sharing the most effective applied behavior analysis techniques with her peers. She has presented her research to many professionals at conferences and seminars across the United States.

Currently, Dr. Echterling-Savage lives in the Houston area. Even when not working, Dr. Echterling-Savage enjoys teaching about animal behavior. She shares her wealth of knowledge with her two children, who are both eager to learn. She and her family share their home with a variety of pets, including a sulcata tortoise.