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Maintenance Program

For those that have had a great experience with Beyond the Dog and want to continue the support and training they’ve received, learn more about our Maintenance Training Program!
Behaviors Typically Covered
  • Off-leash obedience
  • Fading rewards
  • Continued work on problem behaviors
Frequency of Training
Your trainer trains 2 days per week, sometimes independently and sometimes with you. You and your trainer can determine the frequency of owner lesson days, depending on the case. Each session is an hour-long.
What to Expect
Following an intensive dog training program, your trainer will continue to maintain existing behaviors and fade rewards used.  If you have been previously enrolled for severe problem behavior, we will continue to work with your pet to ensure progress is maintained.
Maintenance programs must begin within 30 days of previous program. The cost is $130 per session. Sessions are pre-scheduled and pre-paid for the month.

Many clients that enroll in our All-Inclusive or Board and Train Program often love the programs so much that they don’t want them to end! For this, Beyond the Dog offers a Maintenance Program. This is a very flexible program where our main goal is to maintain the level of obedience your dog has obtained throughout the current program, advance that obedience or continue to improve problem behaviors.

Sessions are offered at a discounted rate ($130/session) and typically occur at least two days a week. Together with the help of your trainer, you can determine how many weeks and how often the sessions occur based on the advanced training goals you have for your dog and your dog’s needs.

Beyond the Dog offers the following programs:

  • 1 Month Maintenance Program

  • 3 Month Maintenance Program

  • 6 Month Maintenance Program

  • 1 Year Maintenance Program

Already contacted our office to start training?
Please contact us to schedule your maintenance.


Cancellation Policy: Beyond the Dog should be notified of any changes at least one week prior to the scheduled appointment.