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Executive Puppy And Dog Training

Not quite ready for our more intense dog training programs? Read more about Beyond the Dog’s Executive Training Program below!
Behaviors Typically Covered
  • 3-4 obedience behaviors or household manners
  • Low-level reactivity
Frequency of Training
Your dog trainer works one on one with your dog 2 days per week and with you and your dog 1 day each week for a total of 3 days per week of training. Clients typically enroll in 3 weeks of training. Each session is an hour-long with the exception of the very first session.
What to Expect
In our Executive Training Program, your trainer will begin working with your dog independently and teach you during one session per week. You continue training your dog on topics covered during your lesson between sessions. This program is great for those who want to get a big jump start on training a few behaviors!
  • $420 per week (3 hours of training)
  • $100 deposit required to schedule the program. This amount will be credited toward the amount due the first day of training
  • There will be a $10-15/session surcharge for locations outside of our service area. If applicable, you will be notified of this prior to the program start.

If you live in or around the greater Houston area and are interested in a supportive in-home dog training program, Beyond the Dog’s Executive Training Program would be an excellent choice for you and your puppy or dog! These dog training classes consistently takes place in your own home and/or a location where your puppy or dog needs dog obedience training or where they are exhibiting low levels of a problem behavior. Many clients enroll their dogs in these dog training classes because they exhibit one or two non-severe aggressive behaviors, or they want to improve their dog’s obedience (3-4 obedience behaviors and/or manners). Because all problem behaviors and obedience varies, so does the amount of time it may take to treat a particular behavior. When you submit a contract and begin the scheduling process, you will receive an estimate of the minimum number of weeks dog training classes should take place depending on the problem behavior(s) and/or level of obedience desired.

The Executive Training Program takes place three days a week, only one of which actually requires your presence. During the first dog training class, a Beyond the Dog trainer-led by an animal behaviorist will review the past and current behavior exhibited by your dog and design a unique treatment or dog obedience training plan just for you! The professional dog trainer will go over this plan with you verbally, and then immediately begin working with your dog or puppy. Every week, the third scheduled day is considered a “lesson day” and that will be the designated day where the dog trainer will teach you! They will teach you a portion of the obedience your puppy or dog has learned and walk you through how to initiate the command and how to integrate the puppy obedience training or dog obedience training into your everyday life. They will also verify that the original treatment or obedience plan is being effectively carried out. You will receive instruction when it comes to handling your puppy or dog. After the initial week, you and your trainer truly begin to work hand in hand by consistently working with your puppy or dog every day. Essentially, you are in charge of keeping up the training on the days the dog trainer is not there. By doing this, you are maintaining consistency during the puppy obedience training or dog obedience training program and also getting closer and closer to your long-term behavior goal(s)!

If you reside in or near the greater Houston area and are interested in one of Beyond the Dog’s experienced, professional dog trainers working with your puppy or dog, don’t wait and call today!

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