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Board And Train Program

For a training program where your dog lives with one of our trainers, enroll in Beyond the Dog’s Board and Train Program today!
Behaviors Typically Covered
  • High-level obedience and manners around heavy distractions
  • More severe problem behavior
  • Combination of problem behavior and high-level obedience
Frequency of Training
Your dog lives with one of our trainers. Dogs enrolled for obedience or household manners only typically stay for a minimum of 3 weeks. Dogs enrolled for aggression or more severe problem behavior stay for a minimum of 4 weeks. During the stay, dogs are trained anywhere from 1-4 hours per day, depending on the behaviors. At the end of the program, 3-4 additional training sessions are scheduled so that your trainer can work with you. Those sessions are typically scheduled somewhere between 1 week and 1 month apart depending on the needs of your dog’s behavior.
What to Expect
In our unique Board and Train Program, your dog lives with one of our professional trainers and receives intensive training. At the end of the program, you are taught everything your dog has learned in a series of lengthy follow-up lessons. The program yields excellent results for those who want high-level obedience around distractions, an intensive housebreaking program, or whose dog engages in serious problem behavior!
  • A $250 deposit is required to schedule program
  • $175/night – $3675 for 21 days or $4900 for 28 days (exact number of nights may vary)
  • $605 for three required follow up lessons (4.5 hours total)
  • Payment for contracted program (less deposit) is due IN FULL on or prior to the first day of training.

Beyond the Dog’s Board and Train Program is a great option for those individuals who live outside the greater Houston area and wish to enroll their dog in a full-scale dog obedience training program. It is also a great program for those individuals in or out of the area that is seeking a full-scale housebreaking program. Lastly, the Board and Train Program is also appropriate for aggressive dog training. During the Board and Train Program, your puppy or dog will live with one of Beyond the Dog’s exceptional trainers for a minimum of three weeks. As they undergo intense puppy obedience training or dog obedience training, your dog becomes a part of the family. Every program always begins with setting up socialization, positive household manners, and high-level obedience. Not only will your puppy or dog learn at least eight solid obedience commands while boarding, but they will be able to perform these behaviors outside in the neighborhood and in public with distractions. Trainers will even visit local parks or shopping centers to enhance the obedience behaviors even more. Beyond the Dog makes sure to focus on your family’s needs and will apply that information to the training of your dog in order to enhance both your life and your dog’s life at home.

Once the program is completed, the professional dog trainer will teach you all of the behaviors that have been taught to your puppy or dog. This is done during what is called owner training sessions, which are held after initial training and typically consist of at least four. These can be scheduled and held in your own home or in a public location in the greater Houston area. Before the program comes to an end, our professional dog trainers will make sure that you feel more than comfortable handling your puppy or dog and understand the behaviors that have been transferred and how to maintain them into the future.

Please note: Beyond the Dog has limited availability for Board and Train programs in order to ensure the highest level of training possible. The Board and Train Program is appropriate for puppy obedience training, dog obedience training, housebreaking training, and aggressive dog training.

If you are interested in one of Beyond the Dog’s experienced, professional dog trainers boarding and training your dog or puppy, don’t wait and call today!

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