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Houston, Texas dog training and obedience trainers

Do you want more information about one of our pet training programs? Or are you ready to start a training program for your pet? Contact Beyond the Dog today by calling or filling out the form. Either way, one of our professional team members will help you with what you are needing.

Beyond the Dog is proud to offer such advanced training programs for all kinds of pets. Each program was designed from the ground up by Dr. Kristyn Echterling-Savage and Sean Savage. Together, Kristyn and Sean have created a unique science-based pet training company. Kristyn is one of at least 50 Certified Applied Animal Behaviorists in the United States. She also has a PH.D. in Behavioral Analysis. Sean is a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant and has years of dog training experience.

Beyond the Dog’s team is also full of experienced dog trainers with extensive backgrounds in animal training. All of our trainers have a Bachelor’s degree in an animal-related field and are either certified or are seeking certification from the Association of Professional Dog Training. In addition to their knowledge and experience, our trainers are also taught by Kristyn, Sean, and a training mentor.

This extensive training regimen helps our trainers provide the most effective tools for you. Our training programs are designed to teach you and the pet. Your trainer will help you understand the training methods and ensure you are comfortable with them. Then, you can start continuing your pet’s training outside of sessions.

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As you can see, Beyond the Dog holds a high standard when it comes to our trainers. Each trainer on our team strives to provide the best training methods to you. A trainer will work closely with you in order to produce a more compliant pet. From dogs to birds, our trainers have the tools and knowledge needed to get the job done. Contact us today by filling out the form or calling.

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