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Video Chat Kitten And Cat Training Consultations

For those that live outside of the Houston area and are looking for some guidance with their cat’s behavior, check out Beyond the Dog’s Video Chat Training Program!
Behaviors Typically Covered
  • House soiling
  • Furniture scratching
Frequency of Training
The total amount of sessions is very dependent on your cat’s behaviors. However, you can expect each session to meet weekly or biweekly.
What to Expect
Your trainer will cover your concerns regarding your cat’s behavior, observing and creating a training protocol to address the behavior. You teach and maintain your cat’s behavior between training sessions. This program is great for those that want some guidance on a couple of behaviors or whose cat engages in problem behavior and lives outside of the Houston area.
The cost is $140 per session.

Do you live outside of the greater Houston area but still want to work with Beyond the Dog? No problem! That’s where Video Chat Kitten Training or CatTraining consultations come in. A professional cat trainer will be able to assess your kitten or cat’s behavior without actually visiting your home. The sessions are not limited to a single behavior. You can ask questions about numerous topics, including housebreaking, scratching, and much more. Appointments are scheduled as needed, so there is no pressure to make a certain number of appointments. You can add more whenever you feel the need to do so!

During the initial session, our professional cat trainer will review the past and current behavior exhibited by your cat and design a unique treatment plan in order for your training goals to be achieved. Your trainer will always ensure that your goals for treatment are obtainable and can be integrated into your everyday life. You will receive general information, advice, and troubleshooting tips when it comes to handling your kitten or cat.

After the appointment is completed, your cat trainer will send a training protocol containing all of the information that was covered throughout the session to ensure a drastic level of improvement from one session to the next. In addition, private support is always provided if necessary via email or phone – free of charge!

If you reside outside of the Greater Houston area but are interested in private video chat consultation performed by a professional cat trainer, don’t wait and call today!

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Cancellation Policy: Beyond the Dog should be notified of any changes at least one week prior to the scheduled appointment.