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Houston Pit Bull Training

Enroll in Beyond the Dog’s Houston Pit Bull Training and make your pup an ambassador for the breed!

Withstanding a bad rap over the years, Pit Bulls are becoming America’s sweethearts thanks to proper Houston Pit Bull Training. Owners are realizing just how great the breed can be! Beyond the Dog feels it is important that each Pit Bull reach their full potential and become an ambassador for this fun-loving, silly breed. Whether it be adult or Pit Bull puppy training, each of our dog training programs can be designed to get the maximum benefit, catering to the specific needs of the breed while never ignoring the needs of each individual Pit Bull.

For Pit Bull puppy training, as with nearly every other breed, Beyond the Dog focuses heavily on socialization. Aside from other typical puppy training, we focus on appropriate chewing. It is important that Pit Bull puppies learn what is appropriate to chew on and what is not. After all, those jaws are strong! Pit Bull puppies can be physically less sensitive which makes them very resilient. However, it is important that they learn how and when to be calm so that everyone can live comfortably and safely in the home. It may also be important that Pit Bulls have a high level of obedience given their strength. Beyond the Dog likes to take it a step further with this driven breed, having them work for a ball thrown which takes high-level dog obedience to a different level!

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