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Essential Training Tips for Puppy Owners

When you get a new puppy, they are adorable balls of fur. However, puppies know very little about behaving, which means they can develop bad behaviors if left untreated. Beyond the Dog wants to offer you some essential puppy training tips. These tips will help you develop your puppy into a happy and healthy adult. […]

Puppy Training

What to do about shock collars?

The Dangers of Shock Beyond the Dog focuses on training that builds positive relationships. In general, we avoid the use of harsh aversive stimuli. In fact, using aversive stimuli such as shock collars, prong collars, or choke chains can be detrimental to the animal’s overall wellbeing, and more effective (and humane) training methods lead to […]

Training an Adult Dog

Training the Easy Way – Shaping (3)

Now that we have introduced shaping and talked about how to shape new behaviors in our animals, we are going to spend some time on WHY Beyond the Dog focuses on shaping appropriate behaviors.  Shaping uses positive reinforcement – rewarding the behaviors we want to see. These behaviors are more likely to occur if they […]

Obedience Training

Training the Easy Way – Shaping (2)

If you have been following along our blog, we have been talking about shaping to teach new behaviors! It is one way dog trainers teach obedience skills to your puppy or dog.  To shape a new behavior, pick a target and provide treats for anything that resembles that target. As your dog gets better at […]

Obedience Training

Training the Easy Way – Shaping (1)

Did you know that many dog trainers focus on teaching appropriate behaviors? The way they do this is through a procedure called shaping.  B.F. Skinner was a proponent of shaping behaviors in different types of animals. A reporter challenged Skinner to train a dog to do something new because he did not believe how quickly […]

Obedience Training

Don’t Delay Crate Training Your Puppy: Follow These Easy Steps Today!

For most puppies, crate training is necessary to help manage their behavior. A crate can be an invaluable tool to help potty train or to prevent unwanted chewing. Unfortunately, most puppies don’t immediately love their crate, but with some guidance and training you can help to create a positive experience. For starters monitor your puppy […]

Puppy Training

Use Positive Reinforcement to Reduce Your Puppy’s Biting Today!

If you follow our blog, you’re probably caught up on how to reduce inappropriate chewing with your dog. Good news! Much of that applies to another topic, puppy biting! The general management strategies are the same. For starters monitor your puppy closely, using a leash to tether your puppy to something stationary in a room […]

Puppy Training

Puppy vs. Your Home: Overcoming Chewing

Shoes, rugs, baseboards, chairs: the list of household items that could fall prey to your puppy could go on forever! Problematic chewing can range in severity from a minor nuisance to downright dangerous–making it vital to address this behavior quickly. There are two key elements to addressing your puppy’s chewing: Monitor your puppy closely Provide […]

Puppy Training

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