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Houston’s Dog Training, Cat Training and Pet Training Professionals

Beyond the Dog and its trainers provide professional, full-service behavior therapy and obedience training to cats and dogs located all over the greater Houston area and beyond

Beyond the Dog, LLC is lead by Dr. Kristyn Echterling-Savage and Sean Savage, individuals who are not only animal lovers, but animal behavior experts. Beyond the Dog and its pet trainers provide professional, full-service puppy training, dog training, kitten training, cat training, and general pet training to individuals located all over the greater Houston area and beyond. As a company, Beyond the Dog holds our standards high and is made up of the only trainers in the Houston area with credentials encompassing a doctoral degree in Behavioral Analysis and a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. Dr. Kristyn Echterling-Savage is one of at least 50 Certified Applied Animal Behaviorists in North America and Sean Savage is one of at least three Certified Dog Behavior Consultants in the greater Houston area. Additionally, some of our dog trainers and puppy trainers are entitled by the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, the largest puppy training and dog training organization in the country.

There is no question that Beyond the Dog and our pet trainers will provide you with nothing less than the most cutting-edge obedience training tips, the most recent breakthroughs, and up-to-date advice regarding dog training, cat training, or other pet training. Our trainers are not only professionals when it comes to pet training; we are exceptional when it comes to transferring our techniques to you all over the greater Houston area. We are exclusively trained to work above and beyond with you, our client, so that pet training methods can immediately and effectively be applied to any and every lifestyle.

Beyond the Dog is experienced in providing behavior therapy and dog obedience training for an assortment of problem behaviors – from simple housebreaking to severe dog aggression and everything in between! Beyond the Dog accommodates you; wherever you are experiencing problem behavior, we work with you privately in that location, whether it be at a nearby park or in your own home. Our dog training programs specialize in the treatment of anxious, fearful, and aggressive behavior exhibited by many of the dogs, from Labradors to pit bulls and everything in between, that we train. Beyond the Dog’s cat training or pet training programs often treat severe behaviors, including, but not limited to, aggression or severe house soiling. When it comes to puppy training or kitten training, our trainers love to provide insight to clients often seeking assistance with housebreaking, good manners, socialization, and obedience. If you believe your furry family member(s) might be exhibiting any of these problem behaviors, however minor or major, or you are just looking to start obedience training, call Beyond the Dog today!

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Although we have only worked with Xena a couple of times with your technique to address her aggression on leash, we’ve see an immediate change in her behavior.


I have to tell you that you were worth every dime we paid you training Zeus.


Kristyn completely exceeded my expectations!


So nice to speak to someone who understands the underlying causes of behavior.


We can’t say enough wonderful things about Sean.


I can’t think Kristyn enough for her help.


Thank you Beyond the Dog for making our lives so much better in just one visit!


Thanks to Beyond the Dog, our household is more peaceful than its been in months!


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