Fozzy’s Story: Private Dog Training and Dog Obedience


Fozzy was a 13 week old Airedale puppy when she arrived at our home. She was coming along great in her training except for one thing. She was almost uncontrollable while walking on a leash when people and other dogs would come along. You name it and she tried it in order to get to the people or dogs. I thought there goes my dream of ever having a dog walk obediently beside me so in desperation I looked on line for help. You name it and I tried it. Nothing worked. I decided to contact my veterinarian’s office to see if they knew of any trainers who could help me. They quickly recommended Beyond the Dog. That very day I gave them a call. Kristyn answered and told me what they offered (private lessons, board & train, classes, & play dates). From her attitude over the phone I thought right away this was the right fit especially since they would come to my home where I was having the trouble which was something I never dreamed trainers did. We set up an at home training date and I wasn’t disappointed, the fit was perfect. Kristyn’s advise was great and we decided to not only do in home training but set up play dates and drop and train dates as well. This is where I had the opportunity to meet Sean for he did the drop and train as well as the play dates. He was just as great as Kristyn. Before, you knew it I had the dog of my dreams.

We even did obedience classes they offered in order to maintain the level Fozzy was at and to ensure more socialization. You name it and we’ve done everything they had to offer except the Board and Train Program. Don’t just let my words convince you for the real proof is your dog for if your dog isn’t happy then no matter where you take them they aren’t going to learn and will grow to hate and rebel against going. Fozzy fell in love with them and couldn’t wait to get out of the car to get to them which just proved my feelings about them was correct (They are a perfect for fit for not only my dog but for all. Dogs love them and they love dogs.)

Marcia Ball