Della’s Story: Private Training and Puppy Training


Della came to us when she was 2 months old, from South Dakota by airplane. She is Havanese, a new breed from Havana Cuba. She is an adorable fun loving puppy and weighed 2 pounds 13oz the next day at the vet. We tried for several weeks to train her, but since we had not had a dog in a long time nor much time or patience any more, we went to the Vet who gave us several recommendations. He suggested we try Kristyn and Sean first, as he was very impressed with their presentation to him.

We did, and instantly fell in love with them, their experience, and the fact that they train in their home and in natural surroundings, not in an institution. Della was very comfortable with them from the start. I was concerned she would forget us since we had only had her for a month, and we opted for the full board and train experience. We stopped by several times to visit Della for a very short stay and found she did not forget us at all. The training has worked very well.

Joe and I especially appreciated the hour weekly visits after her ‘camp’ experience to transfer her commands to us in the home. Practicing all week long and then being able to follow up with them the next week was invaluable. We now have Della “place” at dinner in her bed in the kitchen, and she stays there all through our meal. It has been a wonderful experience for Della and for us. We highly recommend this warm and loving couple to help you with whatever you need to accomplish with your pet. It is definitely a Win-Win situation!!

-Jackie, Joe, & Della Kelley