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“Beyond the Dog Is Awesome”

Dog Learning Fetch

Beyond the Dog is awesome! Thank you for all the help and making me proud of my furry friend! 🙂

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“Worth Every Penny and More”

I was a bit skeptical about spending so much money on training, but I felt that Sadie’s mental health has to be the same priority as my own. This was worth every penny and more. Sadie is not anxious anymore.

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“Would Recommend Beyond the Dog to Anyone”

Black Dog

10/10 I would do this program again and would recommend Beyond the Dog to anyone.

Client Testimonials

“Very Knowledgeable”

puppy sitting in the grass

I really enjoyed meeting and working with the trainers. They were both very knowledgeable and provided us with the tools we need to help our dog become more confident. He has already shown so much progress in the three weeks of working with him.

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“Trainers Come to You”

Small Dog Behind Trainer

I loved the fact that the trainers come to you and train inside the home. Instead of just training my dog I was trained also. This made the training successful.

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“Positive Reinforcement Training”

Happy Bulldog

The other training service I met with used shock collar as a training method which I felt was a bit extreme especially for our 5 pound pup. I was certain there were other avenues to train and just was not comfortable with using collar. I very much appreciated how Beyond the Dog explained positive reinforcement […]

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“Strong Background in Behavioral Treatment”

Golden retriever

With our Golden Retriever puppy exhibiting serious food and resource guarding at such a young age, we knew we needed more than a basic puppy obedience class. We went with Beyond the Dog ultimately due to your strong background in behavioral treatment.

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“Would Highly Recommend”

Training a Gun dog

I would highly recommend Beyond the Dog! We are more than satisfied with the progress that was made during our training course. It truly is an investment in your pet, but well worth it!

Client Testimonials

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